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Samsung Front Loader Warranty support -- Stacked Warranty.



I purchased a new Samsung front loader washing machine in July of 2012. When i purchased it, i was offered and purchased a 5 year warranty that stacked on top of the manufactures warranty. I specifically remember this because my receipt only showed a 4 year warranty and i asked them to explain what it showed 4 instead of 5 years. They once again explained that the warranty stacked on top of the manufacturers warranty for a total of 5 years. Also they explained that it would cover the other items on the washing machine that had a longer than one year warranty. for instance if the motor had a 4 year warranty, the best buy /geek squad warranty would cover an additional 4 years after the manufactures warranty expires. I should also point out that i have the geek squad protection pamphlet that came with my warranty and also states this. 

So i have started having issues with my washing machine two weeks ago. i called geek squad and was very abruptly told that they had never offered a stacked warranty and my warranty only lasted 4 years from the day i purchased it -- no matter what my (best buy) documentation said. So i went into our local best buy and ended up speaking with a customer support person, who then asked a manager and eventually an assistant store manager to help.They all were very nice and the assistant store manager acknowledged that they had sold stacked warranties from about 2010 to 2012. He asked the customer support person to call geek squad on my behalf. 30 minutes and 5 people later they told her that either they have never had stacked warranties and finally said that the parts on my machine would not be covered. i am not sure how they know this since they never sent anyone to look at my washer and have no idea what is wrong with it. 


I asked to speak with the assistant store manager again. He told me that he would check with a higher level manager from geek squad and get back with me in a few days. Which he did. they told him that i simply needed to contact Samsung warranty support. 


i find this unacceptable and I feel like i was taken advantage of. I would appreciate any help you all can provide.





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Re: Samsung Front Loader Warranty support -- Stacked Warranty.


This is the terms and conditions for our Geek Squad Protection from 7-15-2012 through 7-27-2013.  You're right, it does show additional coverage for the transmission or drive motor equal to the length of the manufacturer's warranty plus the length of the plan purchased not to exceed 10 total years.  1 year manufacturer's warranty plus 4 year Geek Squad would have had your drive train parts coverage expire in July of 2017.  Any other parts or labor would have expired in July of 2016, so it seems that even with this extra coverage you're outside of the plan purchased.


With that said, a lot of employees were not around in 2012 and would not be aware of this.  That doesn't excuse providing misinformation, we have a rule at our store:  If we don't know the answer we find out, we never just say what we THINK is right.  I'm sorry for the confusion and experience.  

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Re: Samsung Front Loader Warranty support -- Stacked Warranty.

Thank you for your response. 


I completely understand that i am out of the full coverage of the warranty. 

When i purchased the warranty i was told that the extended warranty kicked in after each stage of the warranty ended. So the issue i am having with my washer, i believe is with the tub. ( i am not a qualified repair technician, so i can't be sure.)  The tub has a 3 year manufacturers warranty. If the warranty stacks for the full manufacturers warranty, as i was told when it was sold to me, it should be covered under the extended warranty for a total of 7 years or until July 2019. 


here are the warranty specifis from Samsungs website. 

One (1) Year All Parts and Labor Yes
Two (2) Years Control Board Yes
Three (3) Years Stainless Steel Tub Yes
Ten (10) Years Motor Yes


I just want what i was promised when i purchased the warranty. 


thanks again for the response. 




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Re: Samsung Front Loader Warranty support -- Stacked Warranty.

Hello leaves_2002,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. I apologize for the delay in my response. We’ve been very busy recently, and we’re doing our best to catch back up with everyone as quickly as possible.


As jdogg836 noted, under the Terms & Conditions of that Geek Squad Protection Plan, the only part of the washer that would receive protection beyond that 4-year plan is the transmission or drive motor. The protection on the tub would not be extended beyond that. I apologize if there was miscommunication about the coverage at the time of the sale, and when you went to visit the store.


If you’d like, you can send me a private message, through the link in my signature, with your name, email address, phone number, and Geek Squad Protection Plan number so I can double check this. I’m fairly certain, however, that the plan will show as expired and we will not be able to provide service under it.



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