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Samsung Fridge is Broken again

I have had issue with our samsung fridge since new, was purchased on Feb 27, 2020 from Best Buy Cambie in vancouver and the ice maker has been working on and off since then. Samsung replaced the ice maker Sept 2020 and they extended the warranty for 6 more months. Still had freezing issues since then, The fridge now makes loud humming noises all day long. I have reached out to Samsung again to repair the frideg and they are giving me the run around. It is apparent that Samsung fridges have had long standing issues with their fridges and ice makers for almost 2 decades. It is unbeleivable that we have been stuck with this subpar fridge for so long and no one will do anything about it. Worse off it seems like Samsung and Best Buy are aware of these issues and continue to sell this product.  There is a class action lawsuit in the USA againt Samsung and the ice makers in their fridges for a reason. Extremely unimpressed and extremely unhappy with both Best Buy and Samsung.

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Re: Samsung Fridge is Broken again

I'm sorry to hear the trouble you're having with your fridge.  This forum, and the moderators who provide assistance here, are configured to assist with US Best Buy store concerns as well as those on  For assistance with and/or orders place at Best Buy Canada, please go to and click the "contact us" link for various options.  It appears that their chat line is already open and the phone support will be open in about 10 minutes from now.

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