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Rude employee at Pasadena store#125 CA

This is the first time that someone in my life treated me the way this employee treated me. my washer is not working. I had all morning calling to the geek squad number to get it repair, they just keep transfering me over and over again with out any success. I decided to go to the store in pasadena #125 with my washer to check if there was a way to send it to repair or something. I went into the Appliances area to talk with someone, a girl start asking me question and then the other employee came, Herbert, he interrupted the conversation and said why you bring your washer here? You know that I can't keep it in the store I'll have to trash it and I won't give you credit. I told him WITHOUT ANY ATTITUDE that I was just trying to get it fix I wasn't planning to leave it there. The other lady told me she could help me to call to schedule the appointment but I had to take the washer back. I said its ok, she handed me the phone I was on hold for a long time, waiting without complaining. Then Herbert again, approach me, at this time with the copy of my receipt and he said: this is a employee purchase. I told him yes i used to work for best buy 2 years ago. And he said: so what are you doing here you know how our policy works!. I advised him that I don't know how it works I just went there to get help. The was very rude and he said you are telling me you worked for Best buy and you don't know how it works? I don't think so. I wanted to cry because he was playing smart with me. I didn't disrespect anybody on that store, i was asking for help, at anytime I refused to take my washer back! I accepted the solution the other lady was giving me. He keep attacking me asking me how long did I work for best buy? Asking me if I learned about the return policy? Asking me why i didn't return to the same store I bought from? I told him several times, sir please stop giving me attitude I not trying to play smart or do any type of fraud. HE DIDN'T STOP, he said I needed to take my washer out. I WAS JUST TRYING TO GET HELP. He treated me like an idiot, he was very disrespectful with me. And he wasn't even helping me. I understand now that i was my mistake going with the product. But I'm a customer like any other person. Any former employee should be treated in that way.
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Re: Rude employee at Pasadena store#125 CA

Hello, Ariadnadiaz, 


Welcome to the forum, though I wish you had found us under better circumstances. It's never convenient for an appliance to malfunction, so I can understand why you would be eager to get this repaired! We do our best to ensure the repair process is smooth and easy on our customers during what can be a frustrating time.  

As we do aim for our processes to be simple, it is incredibly discouraging to hear that you've had such difficulties trying to get this repair scheduled, and then upon trying to sort the issue out at the store, encountered further trouble. We should be providing our customers with stellar customer service and respectful experiences, whether or not they are a former employee. I'm sorry if this was not the case when you visited our Pasadena, CA store and interacted with Herbert. 


As for your washer troubles, please know you should be able to schedule your repair service by contacting Geek Squad at (800) GEEK-SQUAD or (800) 433-5778 if you haven't already been able to successfully schedule the service. If you continue to have trouble with this, please let us know.


We greatly appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us and share this experience.


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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