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Rude Customer Service in Geek Squad

I have a 24/7 plan s and have been with Geek Squad customer since 2011 with 3 computers. I took my computers in to geek squad to have a hands on service since I was going to be in the Phoenix area. In doing so one of my computers was at the end of repair I purchased  a all in one.I had geek squad transfer and set up computer when I went to pick up 90% of the transferred files were in the file folders all pic were not transferred I might add I took in the back up drive also in case there was a issue. I was deeply disturbed that I could not obtain the information on new  computer vital information that is needed . I requested to speak to the rep who transferred the information. Who placed all the information in one folder on desk top and when you open it 90% of files are empty. I pointed this out to the Rep who name was Anthony (Tony) no last name . His response I had enough of you deal with management and walked away I told the other rep to call management. Both the management and other rep tries endlessy to loctae information that were not in the files. 


I then requestesd a refund so I could take the computers to another location .  I also went on to tell best buy management  in 2011 I had a hard drive fail and the PV. Best Buy were wonderful pulling the information and setting up another computer. I might add management tried to resolve the issue,  and we both came to agreement that I would and management would have another Geek squad rep look at my computer and pull information. 


However geek squad reps might be having a very easy job since others don't have the tech savvy to audit the geek reps and when confronted they become angry a secured person on their job would explain and why folders were empty and all files were not transferred and in general what I received was a rude rep that needs discipline and coaching in his job and maybe training of how to transfer a file information and repairs of a computer. And if this service cant be provided in October 2018 I will end all relationship with Best Buy. Not a threat I just need dependable tech reps that are happy with their jobs in turn complete a repair for a customer and informed the customer of repairs .I might add in all the time I made calls on line to the geek squad in 5 years I had 2 reps who did not compete the repair  however the reps that did make the repairs surpass these 2 and they were over looked. I will not stand for a rep on your geek squad Anthony ( Tony ) at the  TBird store in Phoenix AZ to representative Best Buy and not complete their job without alerting management.


Now the real test should I stay or should I go only management will let me know of what actions they take. for me continuing a relationship with Best Buy and of course the ratings I will Continue  to make.

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Re: Rude Customer Service in Geek Squad

Hello Showlow2u-


Welcome to our FOrum and thank you for taking the time to write to us about your experiences at our Best Buy Thunderbird Rd. store location. I'm disheartened to hear that you had such difficult time getting assistance with this data backup for your computer. I can absolutely understand how frustrating it would be to see that critical information didn't make it over to your new hard drive. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback about the Geek Squad Agent you originally worked with.


I'm glad to hear that you've been working with the management team at the Best Buy Thunderbird Rd. location. Have they been able to further assist you with this data transfer and back up? If not, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to reach out to them on your behalf to see how I can best help you with this matter. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns that I can address.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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