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Returning/Refund A Computer That's Been Stuck In Repairs for 3 Weeks

Let me just say that I'm really disappointed in the repair policy of Best Buy. Mid-Ocotober I bought a "Gaming Computer" from them and within a week I was having heating issues (slowing down, dropping frame rates, a few crashes and the case feeling extra warm). This shouldn't have been occuring considering the computer build.


Late December the computer wouldn't turn on so I brought it in on January 2 for repairs. Turns out, Best Buy has to ship it off to the manufacturer for repairs. I didn't buy the "extra insurance," so Best Buy wouldn't do the repairs.


January 19 I'm still without my computer. The service order number says it's been fixed and is being shipped back to best buy...for a week now.


We're coming up on 3 weeks for this repair. Completely unacceptable in the face of other online options to buy computers. I've had 2 computers over the years from online custom builders that had to be sent in for repairs. They had me print out 2-day shipping labels, they fixed my computer the 3rd day, and then have it back to me 2 days later - at their expense.


The whole point of buying a comp through best buy (brick-and-mortar) during covid was to avoid this scenario and to support the local businesses/workers whom are suffering.  You have the overhead of having a physical store...why put custsomers through this and ship their products out for repair and make them wait weeks??? You've removed a big part of the value chain of having a physical store. Insane considering Amazon and other online-only reatailers are eating at your market share.



What a mistake I made. Last time I buy an item like a computer through Best Buy. 


This experience makes me want to return this computer. I've read all of the low reviews on the computer and many have complained about overheating issues.


I don't want to repeat this scenario in a few months when it dies again (overheating) and then have to wait 3 weeks for it to be repaired. I'd like to avoid an $1,800 paper weight.


What are my options for refund or store credit?



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Re: Returning/Refund A Computer That's Been Stuck In Repairs for 3 Weeks

There are no options in store sence you did not buy best buys protection plan.

During covid repairs have been taking months not weeks. For every manufacturer, including the large ones like HP and Apple due to parts and worker shortages.
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Re: Returning/Refund A Computer That's Been Stuck In Repairs for 3 Weeks

For those interested, I went to the Best Buy store on 1/20 to obtain additional information from the Geek Squad staff on the status of my computer. Calling the toll-free number was useless.


Let me preface this by writing that I tried to reply to nckhamond yesterday morning. For whatever reason it didn't submit. In that message I mentioned that my Service Order Number "Log" showed my computer arrving at the repair station on the 13th. It showed the computer being repaired, tested and shipped back to the store withinin  4 hours of arriving at the repair facility. Since that day it seemed to have been stuck in shipping.


After speaking to a GS associate yesterday afternoon it was explained to me that the computer was still at the repair center and that the repair would take over a month.


This is exactly what nckhamond wrote, but is quite the opposite of what the Service Order Number Log showed and opposite of what Best Buy Customer Service told me.


Disappointing I had to come on the repair forum and be told from a forum contributor the honest truth.


Nevertheless, after some back and forth with the manager I was given store credit. I would have liked a full refund but I understand this was a courtesy. Never again.