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Repair on ipad

I don't know who else to reach out to because NO ONE is helping or giving me answers. I bought an iPad in October I'm a total tech-support member and the screen cracked I brought it in on March 3 to be repaired. I was told it would take most three weeks even though I was getting a replacement as opposed to a repair I have no idea why replacement would take three weeks but it is what it is. As I said I brought it into my local Best Buy on March 3 there is still absolutely no progress whatsoever on the repair when I check it online when I called Best Buy total tech-support they don't have any information for me when I go to my local store they don't have any information for me nobody is providing me any information and you all have had my iPad for nearly a month. This is wrong this should not take this long I shouldn't be getting told by your associates that they don't have any information for me and they will contact me as soon as they do I should be informed where my iPad is and when I'm getting my replacement and if you cannot replace it at least give me a gift card for the value of it so that I can re-purchase it . But this is ridiculous I shouldn't have to be on these forums trying to get an answer to a very simple question, where is my iPad? I need a manager to help me and every time I ask for a manager nobody sends me to one nobody gets one for me as I said I've been in the store I've contacted the 800-number I've checked online and nobody is providing me any information I was told several times that a manager would contact me back and not a single person has called me or even emailed me. I'm about to file a formal complaint against Best Buy for this.

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Re: Repair on ipad

Good afternoon, jls1727,


Welcome to our forums, and while I wish your visit were under more fortunate circumstances, I do appreciate you joining our Community to share your experience with us.  It’s one thing to have to wait weeks for your iPad repair to be completed, but to couple that with a lack of any information regarding it’s repair status would be frustrating for anyone, so I can’t say I blame you for wanting to know what’s going on.  I may not be able to undo the disappointment this experience has already caused, but I’ll be happy to look into this further and see what we can do to get it resolved as soon as possible.


I see you’ve sent a colleague of mine a private message with a few pieces of additional information regarding your repair, and I’ll be replying to your private message in a moment. To read my message, you’ll need to be logged into your Support Forum account, and click on the orange envelope in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.  If you’re accessing our site on a mobile device, you may need to switch to “Full” or “Desktop” view before this envelope is visible to you.


See you up there,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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