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Repair issue for my refrigerator with geek squad

Can anybody help me resolve this issue?
I have a refrigerator that I bought from Best Buy and got a 5 year protection with geek squad. It has been repaired 2-3 times already. Now my ice breaker stopped working and I contacted them. It was really hard to contact them, having to wait 15 minutes on the phone many times as it kept disconnecting. Finally, they set up an appointment with third party repair contractors, Gord Appliances. The technician came after one week and diagnosed my ice breaker as being broken again, and many parts need to be replaced. He said he needs to order them from the company and call me as soon as they arrive to set up another appointment. I asked him approximately how long it will take and he said normally it takes a week. It has been 3 weeks now and I haven’t even gotten a call. I tried to contact geek squad again, which is a frustrating process, and instead of updating me about what is going on, they gave me Gord Appliances phone number and want me to contact them by myself. Anyways, I tried contacting them and no one answered the phone. After calling them several times, finally someone picked up. They told me it’s going to take 2 more weeks for the parts to come in, and they will contact me when the parts arrive.

In the mean time I called Samsung directly, as my fridge is from Samsung, and asked them if they had those specific parts available, and they said there is no back order, they have them available right then. So I called geek squad again (very frustrating process) and told them about that. The rep says “I have nothing to do with this”. Then I asked them for their manager’s phone number or email address, and they said they are working from home, so they gave me best buys support email address. I am also writing an email for them. I know after 3 repairs, the whole unit needs to be replaced. Best Buy should change their warranty company (geek squad) because it ruins their reputation.

Can anyone give me and advice or email or phone number I can contact to resolve this issue? My warranty will end in April and I think they are just buying time.
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Re: Repair issue for my refrigerator with geek squad

They will respond here eventually and set you up with another repair. Note:ice makers are specifically excluded from the 3 repair replacement program in the warranty documentation.

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Re: Repair issue for my refrigerator with geek squad



Thank you for joining our community here on the Best Buy Forums. As a refrigerator is a constantly used appliance, I can understand wanting to have yours up and running ASAP. I am happy to look into this further!


To start, please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address. You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button near my signature. 



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