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Repair Issues with Geek Squad

I have been having issues with my Laptop for a while with BSODs (Video_TDR_Failure) when running certain programs. I originally bright it in about a month ago after trying everything I could care to do, (Reinstalling Windows, Updating BIOS, and GPU Drivers) That's where my issues with GS Started occurring. You see, I brought it in to fix the issue as it was and still is under warranty, they accepted it and I started tracking it via UPS on it's way to the repair facility. I was surprised to find It was Returned to sender due to a Hazardous Materials issue. after 3 days they resent it and it made it. They did their standard reinstalling of windows, updates, and tests and sent it back to me. Upon receiving it, I had the same BSOD. I then returned It to GS to be shipped out to the service centre last week where it has been since, still being diagnosed to this day. 


How long should these repairs take? I have a business trip in a few months and need it by then. How long should I wait before having it recalled and taking it somewhere that will actually do the work? It's still under warranty but I would rather pay and have it fixed the same day versus waiting what could possibly become months.


To be fair the guy who helped me in the store was very nice and told me he wished he could fix the issue in the store, I can't remember his name or badge number (If that's what Y'all use.), Heck after a 12 hour shift, I can barely remember my badge number LOL.


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Re: Repair Issues with Geek Squad

Hello, Jeremy,


Thanks for reaching out today and welcome to the forums!


I depend heavily on my laptop so I can understand your desire to get this back as soon as possible. Generally speaking, the turnaround time for most laptop repairs is quote at 1-3 weeks, depending on the severity of the repair. However, please note that this will be heavily based on the parts availability and ordering the required parts can delay this process. If you'd like, we can check to see if there's any notes or updates that can help better decipher what we're looking at. To do so, I ask that you send us a PM with your full name, email address, phone number, and service order information. We'll see what we can do from there!



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