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Refused to fix my laptop 2 times

My laptop was stuck in a boot loop, it would not go to the windows login screen under any circumstance. It was going through a “recovery” process for hours on end and constantly fail. I tried everything to fix it. I gave up, brought it in on Friday. I told the woman what was wrong and she turned me down. She insisted this was a software error and I have to reinstall windows. There’s no other option but to so called “diagnose” my issue when windows won’t even start. Why do I have to pay, why can’t i just use my warranty and send it out? She wouldn’t take it and attempt to fix it. I have a warranty to fix it. I tried to reinstall windows several times, tried different usbs, tried everything to fix it. Brought it in again after another 2 hour drive. I finally get there and never told anything but to “bring the computer in, nothing else”. I bring my computer in, another woman is there to help. She goes on and says I have to spend 100 dollars on some diagnostic crap. She tries to boot my computer up and it doesn’t turn on, the battery is dead. She tells me I have to go home and get the charger. I was never told to bring a charger, how was I supposed to know?she then tells me in the rudest tone to go home and get my charger? I’m furious. Why do I have to spend money when I already bought a warranty? Fix my issue. Then she tells me all like “oh I’ll find a charger” she comes back and puts the wrong charger in my port. She tells me she can’t do anything. I’ve never been treated like this ever at bestbuy except from women specifically. How am I going to get my computer fixed?

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Re: Refused to fix my laptop 2 times

Hello Gihan7575, 


Welcome to the forum and thank you for reaching out to us regarding your trouble getting your laptop repaired! Having your laptop not even make it to the login screen would be most frustrating, especially after what sounds like you did quite a bit of troubleshooting. I'm glad you chose to visit our Geek Squad Precinct for assistance, though it sounds like your experience was lackluster. 

In most cases, unless a Geek Squad Protection (GSP) Plan was purchased, we would be unable to service the device under a manufacturer warranty. For such service, you would need to contact the manufacturer. That being said, if it is a software related issue, this is usually not covered by a GSP or manufacturer warranty. However, we do offer plans such as Total Tech Support that may offer coverage for such service, though you are also welcome to simply pay for the services performed to diagnose and repair the unit. 


It sounds like these options weren't respectfully explained to you though. I would be delighted to further discuss this matter, so I am sending you a private message. You may check your messages by signing into the forum then clicking the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page. 


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