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Refund for Geek Squad Service?

I took my laptop in to Best Buy Geek Squad on 10/11/21 to be diagnosed and repaired. I picked it up on 10/14/21, and the next time I turned on my computer, within 20 minutes I began to receive multiple errors, including the the same error that I had just paid them $100 to fix. I called Geek Squad support, and spoke to multiple agents. The third agent told me that he spoke to the Best Buy store I went to, and that I could bring in my receipt to the store to get a refund. He said I did not need to bring my laptop. I verified with him, twice, that I did not need to bring my laptop. 


With this knowledge, I had someone else begin to help me with the laptop as I did not want Geek Squad messing with it any further, and went back into the store to receive my refund. The in-store Geek Squad associates told me that the person I spoke to was wrong, and that they needed the laptop to give me a refund. Since I had followed the instructions of the previous Geek Squad associate I spoke to on the phone, I did not have my laptop, and it was being worked on by someone else. The store associate did not care, and did not have any interest in resolving my problem. He told me "I can get my manager so you can plead your case, but he'll tell you the same thing."


I left and got on the phone with customer service for Geek Squad once again to attempt to resolve the issue. After 3 hours of being recycled through the various departments and having people misinterpret my problem and offer a solution to something completely unrelated, I had to give up. I don't know what to do next, but I do know that I paid $100 for Geek Squad to do absolutely nothing with my laptop and be denied a refund for listening to the directions of another Geek Squad associate. This is a lot of money to me, and I really need a refund since I ended up having someone else take care of the error they were supposed to fix in the first place. If anyone has any idea of what to do or who to talk to (that isn't a call center) please let me know and  thank you so much for taking the time to read this and help me. 

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Re: Refund for Geek Squad Service?

If you paid for a service that was rendered, from my understanding this is not refundable. However, if you purchased a plan that was yearly , you can get a pro rated refund on your Geek Squad protection plan.


From the Best Buy refund policy


Final sale and nonreturnable items

All Final Sale merchandise cannot be returned. Other nonreturnable purchases include custom orders, personalized orders, non-subscription digital content (including digital gaming but excluding Microsoft Office), prepaid cards (including third-party gift cards and prepaid phone cards), vehicle replacement key fobs, memberships, completed services, plumbing items including bidets, sexual wellness products, trading cards (including Pokémon cards), opened SIM kits, opened consumable items including batteries, cleaning agents, oils, fuel, filters, cleaners, ink and 3D printer filament.
Since a service was completed on thier end, it is not refundable.
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Re: Refund for Geek Squad Service?

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It’s never ideal having to pay for a service repair on our electronic devices can. But more bothersome is if it didn’t seem like the problem was fixed.  We’d like to gain a better understanding of your experience in this regard. Would you share your full name,  phone and email with us using the blue ‘Private Message’ button at the end of this response near my signature.


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