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Re: Very annoyed with Best Buy and their customer service

Me and my son bought a laptop, a HP Envy x360 about a year ago, it was 650 dollars and I bought the three year geek squad protection plan for an extra 300 dollars. That made my total 950 dollars. This year in the month of October, the laptops screen hinge was broken so I gave it to geek squad to fix and the manager said this should only take three weeks. It has been 5 weeks and the manager now says that I have to wait another week for my laptop to either be verified un-fixable or fixable. If fixable, I must wait another month for it to be fixed and my son doesn’t have that kind of time to wait. Although if it is un-fixable, we get a full money back. This is crazy as we have been waiting for more than a month, geek squad should’ve been able to fix this problem already and for them to still be waiting to search for parts is ridiculous. My son needs his laptop to do all his work and he cannot just sit there and wait for his laptop. All in all bestbuy  ‘s service needs to be improved, I was once a very loyal customer and now I question bestbuy’s services.