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Re: Posting Compaint

I to had a very Bad experence yesterday 1/8/2019


4 hours with Geek Squad online support and they still could not get the job done.


I have an all in one Brother printer, I hate setting up those things so thought ideal for Geek squad, they do it all day should be a breeze.

I always find that lets call them the switch board or Operator, dosn't really have too much of a clue, but once you get hrough the frustration of explaining one or two times and giving your infomation normally twicw to check your account.

Then once through that barrier its normally OK.


I was withn 3 agents (2 being the fixers) for almost 4 hours, the net effect is they couldn't install the drivers.


I attempted this morning and in 20mins had it all working, with no real knoledgeof these things, OK a bit of a lie, I do it on very rare occasions because it takes me too long.


So why couldn't the agent download the file like I did from the Brother site.


Also, the Total care package that I have is fairly expensive when you discover they do not do Total Care, I have treid with a Bose Wave system and told they don't do those, after being told over the phone to take it in, a refrigerator being told something simular, so the Total care is not what it says.


As you can see not really happy with GEEK Squad


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Re: Posting Compaint

Hello ray4805,


Thank you for reaching out and telling us about your recent experience when calling Geek Squad for support over the phone. Having a Total Tech Support Plan (TTS) can be a great way to get service for some of the common issues customers may run into so I’m disappointed it hasn’t been as smooth as we would like when you have called.


Though I cannot say what may have been happening yesterday on your call since I was not present for the interaction, it does sounds like something may have made it more difficult than expected to complete the service you were seeking assistance with. Though not ideal, I’m very happy to hear that you’ve been able to get the drivers downloaded from Brother’s website and your printer is now up and running.


Regarding your concerns about not having enough support with your TTS plan and needing to know what is covered, you can find more information about TTS Member Benefits at the link here. Beyond that, the full Terms of Service (which has lots of details about coverage) can be seen after selecting the correct date range from the drop-down menu here.


At this point, if you need assistance, please do let me know specifically what I can help you with and I will be happy to speak to you further. Otherwise, please know that your feedback is very much appreciated. Insights from our customers are a great way for us to know where we’re going right and what we can improve as we are constantly striving to better ourselves and our services.  


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Posting Compaint

I cannot see this reply has addressed any of my concerns or complaints, it was basically an answer but not.

But thinking about it it was a reply, but nothing else.


I am sure if that type of responce was from a resturant chain because the meal or the service was awful it would not be aceptable. Like I wasn't there when the order was taken so I do not have knoledge to how you wanted cooked, maybe charcol was a request.


Come on Best Buy, give proper support with proper respoonces to genuine complaints, after all it took a long time to get not very good service generally over an hour maybe 2 or 3, and my time has value just like yours has.

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Re: Posting Compaint

Hello rau4805,


Welcome back to our community.  Kayla isn’t available at the moment, but I’ll be happy to address your additional concerns.


As Kayla mentioned in her message, we strive to offer the best support possible to all customers, and Total Tech Support (TTS) is a great way we can connect with you and support virtually any product in your home.  I share Kayla’s sentiments that we regret your experiences have not been up to par with the level of service we aim to deliver.


What specifically do you need from me at this point in time to consider this matter resolved?



Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Posting Compaint

While I can appreciate what you are saying, it is not helping your consumers, a customer expects what is being promised no more and no less. And the reply of at least you fixed it. That is true, but after spending how much is your total coverage, I fixed the problem. Two or three times I have tried to use the warranty you sold and both times its failed me.

Like: High end restaurant, dear corporate the food and service was so bad I went to McDonald afterwards, Reply I am really sorry to hear that, but at least you had something to eat.

Can you see what is wrong here.

Please comment

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Re: Posting Compaint

You were asked what it would take for you to consider the problem you have solved. Why would you want from the moderator to make you happy?