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Re: Order has been ‘Preparing’ for days

I am writing to briefly explain the outrageous and unacceptable experience I had with BestBuy Customer Service. My daughter purchased an iPhone through BestBuy in June 2018, and unknowing to her, she was continued to be billed $9.99 a month for an Apple Insurance Plan that she never signed up for. I called in December 2018 and requested to discontinue the plan. It turns out my request fell into a black hole. I continued to get billed. Just today, I called BestBuy Customer Service and have been on the phone - bounced around to multiple Agents since 11:00 AM, and it is now 1:35 PM. The Customer Service Representatives, with the exception of a couple (I must have talked with 8 different people) were either rude, unprofessional, had an attitude, and whats even more frustrating did not know how to help me or triage me to the right source. Hence my complaint. I intend to also write to the BBB of my experience. As a "loyal" customer to BestBuy, I see that their loyalty has gone down the pipes... Extremely dissatisfying, and I intend to do everything within my power to make this experience known to all Best Buy Customers, so they do not have to go through this ordeal. Yes, Outrageous!
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Re: Order has been ‘Preparing’ for days

Hello, tkarunaratne,


Receiving recurring monthly charges for something that is not desired is understandably frustrating. As we always want our customers to receive the world's absolute best customer service when working with us, it is pretty disappointing to hear about the low level of service you have received thus far on the phone. 


While our teams online and through our social media platforms are unable to assist with monthly billing cancellations, our Billing team at (888) BEST BUY which is (888)  237-8289 would be the perfect team to work with. When calling, it is okay to directly request the Billing or Account Maintenance team to ensure you are working with the proper team. 


Please do note that per our Privacy Policy found here, we will need to speak directly with the purchaser in order to perform any actions or provide any information. As it sounds like your daughter was the purchaser, I recommend ensuring that she is the one to call to request this. 


I hope this information helps,


Faith|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Order has been ‘Preparing’ for days

Dear BestBuy Customer Support,

I appreciate your response! I am also glad that you acknowledge the frustration that I has a customer experienced. That said, it is not my intent to waste more hours on the phone with BestBuy Customer Service personnel. First, it would be in your best interests to TRAIN the agents who interacted with me. I am sure you can review my account and note for yourself the agents who interacted with me. Regardless, it appears that most of your personnel are not even aware how to triage a customer complaint. I suggest you begin there.

As for my daughter calling, please note the charge was on my Credit Card, and therefore it is my responsibility to address it. Nonetheless, regardless of who made the phone call - BestBuy HAS NO RIGHT TO BILL A CUSTOMER FOR SOMETHING THEY DID NOT WANT. Only to be told by your Customer Service Manager (Amy) that it is BestBuy's POLICY TO INCLUDE IT IN THE BILL, AND ONCE THE CUSTOMER NOTICES IT THEY CAN DECLINE IT. This to me is HIGHWAY ROBBERY. Further, who does business in this fashion???  These are the unanswered questions. Getting a response to what I already know DOES NOT HELP. PLEASE EXPLAIN TO MY WHAT I LEARNED FROM AMY. If Amy is wrong then I suggest you TRAIN YOUR MIDDLE MANAGERS AS WELL.

Thank You


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Re: Order has been ‘Preparing’ for days

Hi again Tkarunaratne,

Welcome back to the forums.

We should absolutely not be adding an AppleCare plan on to a purchase without permission, and I apologize if you were informed otherwise. 

If your name is on the order, I’d be happy to look into this for you so that I can use your feedback to help us provide better service going forward, both in terms of our sales and our post-purchase support.

If you could please reach out to me, through a private message by using the link in my signature, I’d appreciate it. Please include your name, email address, phone number, and the customer service PIN from the bottom of your receipt, if you have it.


Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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