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Re: NordicTrack s22i problems

I could chime in that I have had similar problems to the original poster but I’ve been told by Best Buy geek squad that since it’s under the original warrenty period that I have to deal with Nordic track. I have the 5 year equipment protection. However nordictrack has been exactly ZER0 help and I still have a broken machine.

I ask what’s the point of dropping $500 on a protection plan when I’m just told to go through to manufacture anyway. Seems rather pointless to me.

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Re: NordicTrack s22i problems

Generally speaking, while still under the manufacturer's warranty, the Protection Plan coverage only provides the additional benefits (surge damage, wear and tear, etc.) and anything that falls under the manufacturer's warranty is handled by them.  Some brands allow Geek Squad to perform the work and reimburse us for that repair, some brands do not.  If directed to Nordictrack, that confirms that only they perform manufacturer's warranty work and Geek Squad does not.  

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Re: NordicTrack s22i problems

Welcome back, pdcolemanjr,


Thank you for stopping by our community forums again. As someone who prefers to exercise at home, I can imagine how big of an inconvenience it would be for this exercise bike to stop working properly. I appreciate you providing your feedback about this experience and would be glad to provide some additional information on your Geek Squad Protection plan.


As previous agents have mentioned, we are unable to provide support for NordicTrack products while they are under the manufactures warranty. I would recommend continuing to work with NordicTrack towards a solution by contacting them at (800) 862-3348. With that said, a Geek Squad Protection plan enhances and extends a manufactures warranty so if something like a power surge occurs the Geek Squad should be able to provide service prior to the manufactures warranty period ending. 


I hope I was able to provide some additional clarification. Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else at this time.

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