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Re: Horrible customer service

I've had similar issues. I bought a surface laptop (900 dollars) a year ago Black Friday weekend. My type cover hasn't been working properly since about 6 months after I bought it. Of course, Geek Squad refused look at anything without a 100 dollar payment-- their suggestion was to purchase a new one! So I just have been trouble shooting it and trying to make due. My school starts Monday and it hasn't even connected all week, so I got up this morning assuming Best Buy would stand by their products and customers. I've never bought a laptop anywhere else, but considering I've had issues with the last two,  (they didn't help me with my Dell either which is why I had to purchase my surface) perhaps a more reputable company would be better next time... Very disappointed. I talked to 4 people in the Missoula Best Buy today (including a manager) and no one would help me or even look at my keyboard. They just kept trying to sell me more warranties and more keyboard and more pens. It's too bad. Now that I'm looking for a customer service email, there's just nothing here for their paying and faithful customers.