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Re: Geek Squad protection complaint - Advance option

To whom it may concern:
I scheduled an appointment to get my laptop repaired and on the day of my appointment, I showed up early due to a personal matter that arised after my appointment was scheduled. Unfortunately I was partially helped only to be informed that my repair would need to be sent off to the manufacturer and that paperwork would need to be completed before doing so. I asked to complete the paperwork while already there and was told no and turned away. Let me mind you that no other customer was in line waiting for Geek squad help.


By turning me away and having to schedule another appoinment, my warranty expired and now all expenses are out of my pocket. 


I feel that this was easily avoidable if the agent/employee took time to handle my issue that would have not interfered with any other customer.


In closing, thank you Best Buy Geek Squad for costing me more money which you already received from me for the 3 year extended warranty. Another win by Best Buy

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Re: Geek Squad protection complaint - Advance option

Hello, BrianJohnson,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums!


I would be frustrated with that experience as well. I had to send my laptop in for service a couple years ago, I ended paying out of pocket as I hadn't realized my coverage had ended. We aim to make every Geek Squad service a positive one, but it sounds like we may have missed the mark here. I would love to get some more details about your reservation, as well as document your experience on our Corporate system. Can you send a Private Message with the information below so that I can look up your account? You should be able to send a private message by clicking the blue button to the right of my signature below!


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