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Re: Filing a complaint with Geek Squad

I don't usually file complaints, but I was extremely unhappy with the way todays events went when dealing with my GS protection plan.
When I bought my iPhone through Future Shop years ago i purchased their protection plan because it offered realistic coverage. When they closed down everything had been transferred over to Best Buy.
I have been paying $14.68/ month for about 4 years with Best Buy alone for coverage on my iPhone 6, that's an approximate total of over $700. With BB I have gotten 2 screen protectors through this plan.
I have an iPhone 6, and the issue with my phone is that the battery dies within a few hours and the screen is constantly freezing and the screen needs to be shut off and the phone needs to be unlocked again. This has been going on for some time now, but I haven't had a chance to take it in.
Today, I attempted to make my first claim, I did not know that I was to call a 1800 number so I drove to Best Buy and the 2 gentlemen working behind the counter at GS did not seem too interested in helping me. I stood there for a few minutes before even being acknowledged, and then through the window the one employee told me that I had to call in to make a claim. While I was there I had the screen protector replaced (2nd one), for some reason they told me I had to come back in 15 minutes when I know this is a 30 second job even though there was no one else around.
When I called in to make a claim the person in claims told me I needed to trouble shoot with a tech person before making the claim. She transferred me over and the tech persons advice to me was that I should shut the phone off and turn it back on again. I was a little taken back by that trouble shooting, I mean, obviously that has already been done, but I guess I get it, just to make sure?
Now that I'm talking to the claims agent again with my case number she tells me that I have to send my phone in to be repaired or replaced. She advises me that I need to pay a deposit for the amount of the phone and I will be sent a new iPhone 6, and then I send my phone in and the deposit is returned. If there is any physical or liquid damage found to the phone I will have to pay $100 deductible. My phone has no physical or liquid damage on it, I know for a fact. So I asked the woman on the phone if physical/liquid damage is found on it are you able to let me know before replacing the phone because I do not want to spend $100 on a deductible to replace a phone that is 5 years old. I would much rather put it towards the purchase of a newer phone. She told me no - there's no way to do that, the warehouse doesn't contact customers, so if damage is found, I get charged - end of story.
Now, for a few reasons I take major issue with this. What if the people at the warehouse lie and say theres damage on it when I know theres not. Why can't i be notified about possible damage being found before charging me or replacing the phone?
Also, the 6 is 5 years old - I do not trust that I will be getting sent a new iPhone 6 as it has been told to me numerous time by Future Shop and Best Buy that they do not carry older phones (as the original plan i signed up with through future shop promised a new phone replacement IN STORE if it couldnt be fixed right in front of me- and if that phone was dated and not sold anymore an upgrade would be offered for free. This plan is what I was paying for - not send it away etc). So, am I getting a refurbished phone to potentially replace my phone? What have I be paying for this whole time?? I declined the claim, and cancelled my plan on the phone today. Like i said, I've paid into this month after month for upwards of 5 years for nothing? I am feeling EXTREMELY ripped off by this process and am very disappointed with GS. I have made many purchases from BB in the past, from my macbook, my imac, tvs, car stereos, movies etc. I have spent a lot of money in your store over the years and in this specific case am feeling robbed.
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Re: Filing a complaint with Geek Squad

Hello nothappy123456, 


Welcome to the forum and thank you for connecting with us regarding your Geek Squad Protection (GSP) Plan trouble with your iPhone 6. I have an iPhone 6 as well that I upgraded to over four years ago, and have been itching to upgrade my phone for quite some time. Our GSP is intended to be incredibly handy, so it's dismaying to hear your experience with it has been lackluster. 

With that said, our team primarily works with our USA stores and customers, and based on your mention of Future Shop, it would seem you're located in Canada. However, I have forwarded your information to our Best Buy Canada team. You should receive a response within 3-5 business days at the email address you used in your forum registration. 


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