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Re: Customer Service Failure

A couple years ago I purchased a Sony digital camera and other related equipment from you.  I also purchased the extended warranty that doesn't expire until March of next year.  Recently the camera stopped working and I brought it to the closest Best Buy (Bangor, Me.) to get fixed.  First, they said they needed an appointment before they would talk to me, even though they don't work on the cameras there, they simply ship them out.  I tried explaining that I live 4 hours away (one way) from the store now so making an "appointment" isn't a viable option as I'm not in the area.  They insisted that without an appointment they couldn't help me. Interestingly, my wife and I were in the store for another `15 minutes and neither Geek tech was assisting anyone else.  They had the time to talk to me.

I tried calling the Customer Service line but the first gentleman David, got disconnected and never called me back even though he took my number.  The second person I talked to Rica, was on the phone with me for over 20 minutes but couldn't help me.  she said to just go back to the store and they would take me based on priority.  I asked if she could send me a letter asking them to see me as all they have to do is send the camera out and they already said they wouldn't talk to me without an appointment.  she said unfortunately, Best Buy can't do that.  I then asked if she could note on my account explaining the situation and authorize the store to take my camera to ship out.  she said she couldn't do that either.  I then requested that she send me the packaging so I could mail it go on that idea either.  She then offered to send me to "the department that could help me with resolution" and simply forwarded me back to the original number I called. 

My issue is that I paid the extended warranty and would like my camera fixed.  I spent almost $1000 dollars on the camera and equipment and it doesn't work.  I feel Best Buy should stand behind their warranty.  Also, I can't make an appointment as i have no idea when I will be in the area and can't just drive 8 hours round trip at the drop of a hat.

Why can't Best Buy just take the camera and send it out?????? Also, why doesn't Best Buy leave 3 or 4 open slots a day in their "appointment schedule" for emergencies like mine??? I've been to two stores, and called CS twice with no resolution. there's not even a simple Customer Service email address to send the complaint to.  I had to register here and send this blog. 

I wasn't trying to notify the world of Best Buy's absymal failure in this regard, I just want my camera fixed. Can someone PLEASE take my camera in for service???

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Re: Customer Service Failure

Hi there, CB559,


Thank you for reaching out here on our community forums! I’m sad to hear that it were under these circumstances. I can understand how you may be feeling, as I use a camera myself. We never want to make it difficult to get the service you need.


I would love to explore our options and hopefully turn your experience around. To do so, kindly private message us your:


Full name

Phone number

Email address

Order number


All the best,

Kayden|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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