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I am curious as to how this was handled. I had a similar situation when I purchased my Samsung 43" TV. It was a big purchase for me and I told them I wanted a protection plan that covered everything including physical damages because I have a son who would be turning one. I told them I wanted to make sure it was covered if he accidentally hurt it. The guy that checked me out said ok and gave me the 5 year protection plan. I had the TV 4 months. My son was just about to turn 1, it was way out of his reach so I am not even sure what happened. I turned it on and sure enough vertical lines on my screen. I was mad but told myself ok this is why you got that protection plan. So I called spoke to several people and told my story just as many times as you did. I spoke with one agent who said ok we will be replacing your tv. I even asked him to say it again that yes they would replace it. He told me he just needed some info which I gave him and an address. I have him everything and he said ok I'm going to transfer you to complete your replacement order. I was transferred to someone who asked what he could help with and I told him oh I was transferred to complete the process of shipping out my replacement. He then said, WE DONT DO THAT. I couldn't believe it. I told him about the entire phone call I had just had with the person who transferred me to him. All he said was I don't know and that they don't do that. At this point I was mad. I was lied to and was even told I was getting a new TV shipped out. I asked to speak to someone above him to figure out what was going on and what I should do to get my tv replaced. He told me that he didn't have anyone to transfer me to. I asked for an email. He said there was no email. I was angry and just speechless. So I went back to the store and told them everything including about the call. Then I was told the plan I had (5 year geek squad protection) didn't cover damages! I told him when I purchased this TV I asked SPECIFICALLY for a plan that had protection against damages. So now I had been lied to about this also!! I asked to speak to a manager who same as yours had the biggest sorry that sucks but yeah it doesn't cover it attitude. I couldn't believe it. I was left standing there with a TV that I was told would cost more to repair than to replace it. This big purchase I had made for myself knowing I don't ever spend money on myself was now apparently just trash. I got this TV in 2020. I still have it because I don't have the heart to throw it out because of how much money I spent on it that went right down the toilet. I am with you 100% when it comes to employees that offer protection plans. Like you did I specifically asked for a protection plan that covered damages. For them to charge me for a plan that didn't offer the things that I asked for is a blatant lie and flat out wrong. They know that people are going to trust them on their word and ring them up correctly. I shouldn't have to go behind an employee and ask for the fine print to make sure that they were doing their job correctly. Between being checked out incorrectly by the employee, the number of call transfers between phone agents explaining my story tons of times and the blatant lie from the agent who actually said my item was getting replaced and they were shipping it out, It seriously feels like a giant scam. I am curious as to how your situation ended up being handled because I still have 3 years left on that warranty and I stare at this broken TV everyday and it upsets me beyond belief.
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Hi kathryn87634. Thanks for reaching out and sharing this feedback with us. It is unfortunate that you've had a negative experience in one of our stores and while calling our customer service team. I've recently bought a TV myself, so I understand wanting to have the peace of mind that comes with getting a protection plan. 


Our Geek Squad Protection plan only covers accidental damage for specific devices which are generally small portable devices and is indicated on your receipt as ADH. When a plan is purchased, you will always receive an email with the details of that plan and what is covered. For TVs the Geek Squad Protection plan covers normal wear and tear, defects, pixel repair, image burnt-in, damages due to a power surge, damages due to dust, internal overheating and internal humidity. It also covers one-time remote replacement. With the GSP plan, if a repair needs to be done the plan will cover the cost of re-installation. Under the plan if we are unable to repair an item with an issue listed above, this item will be replaced. There is also a No Lemon policy under the plan, I've linked the full terms and conditions.  


Essentially, since the TV is meant to be a stationary item, the things that are covered are generally centered around the normal use of a TV and nothing that may be considered as abuse. None of our plans cover accidental damages on a TV. 


I'm unsure where this breakdown happened and I can understand your frustration as it appears that you may have been misinformed or there was a misunderstanding somewhere. I would like to gather some more information from you, so that I can document this case. If you can provide us with any information on the store or any one you spoke to, this feedback can be forwarded to the leadership team for training purposes. Additionally, I'm not sure if you were already informed of this, but since the plan does not cover the accidental damage to the TV, this plan can be returned. This will be a prorated amount based on how long you have the plan for, before cancelling it. I can also assist you with this. 


 Please, send me a private message by clicking on the blue button next to my signature, with your full name, phone number, and e-mail address. I look forward to hearing from you. 



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