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Re: ASUS Warranty issue

I had the exact same problem

nobody willing to answer

Store Manager at Edgewood Michael and customer service agent manager Walter on the phone

both passed it to each other. I go to the store, store manager tells me to call best buy

(GAVE ME CANADA HELP NUMBER, I doubt that was a mistake) 

Called best buy USA and they said go back to the store, I go back to store same thing

Caled ASUS and they said they sent email saying they do not ADP WARRANTY for ASUS PRODUCTS


Stil no resolution, i m going to file complaint with corporate and Better business bureau

Even Manager at Edgewood said go ahead and file so making sure to file the complaint

I will never ever purchase any Asus product from bestbuy probably never buy Asus products

and never buy anything from bestbuy ever again would have for sure would have got it fixed and most likely refunded me my money

WORST SERVICE ON THE PLANET. ON HOLD and in and out of stores for 5 hours today with no help


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Re: ASUS Warranty issue

HI Alyssa, or any corporate bestbuy help member


My hinge broke while closing. OBviously a weak defect I saw all over many forums with the same issue

and it ended up cracking inside of the screen on left bottom corner which made the screen not work anymore.

Techincally ADP full coverage warrantey (accidental damage protection included) should cover all as well

I told managers and supervisors what happened. Manager at store says call bestbuy, call center says go to the store

and say contact ASus. Asus made it clear they won't cover ADP for retailer bestbuy. and Bestbuy is saying i dont have geek squad coverage so i can't get it fixed either. One agent after 5 hours said they will make note to fix it for free 

and transferred me to a deadline on geeksquad so still no answer. Why would anybody buy from bestbuy if Asus will not honor their adp warranty program just with bestbuy?

Bestbuy must know about this and should make sure to inform the customers because only reason why i didn't buy

extra warranty or coverage was ASUS offered full coverage which they only do not do for bestbuy

I tried to file complaints, nobody gave me any real answer. I mentioned that I will be filing complaint filing with Corporate and better business bureau to the store manager in edgewood, GA and he said Go ahead a file the compalint and I will make sure to follow up as he confirmed my suggestion. I still have no resolution

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Re: ASUS Warranty issue



Welcome to the Best Buy Forums.


Thanks for reaching out. I am very sorry to hear about your situation, as it not an ideal situation. I'd like to formally document your experience in our internal review system. Please send me a private message with your full name, phone number and email.


Kind regards,

Trey|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: ASUS Warranty issue

As of 8/9 waiting on reply. No resolution has been made even though all requested info had been sent
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Re: ASUS Warranty issue

No resolution. Adp coverage that is suppose to cover all damages is only not valid for best buy bought asus products
Do not ever by asus product from best buy. I would never buy any product from best buy and recommend nobody buys anything from bestbuy. Amazon costco and other places have same or better price and defintely better service. I filed bbb complaint for false advertising. Neither is manufacturer warranty or ADP coverage is even offered but that is no where stated anywhere which makes you to believe that it had warranty when in fact you dont and have to buy geeksquad plan. If i knew there were no warranty at all i would have bought extra coverage. False advertising is against the law. Horrible retailer
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Re: ASUS Warranty issue

Asus's website specifically excludes accidentally damage for items purchased at best buy, it's spelled out pretty clearly.
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Re: ASUS Warranty issue

Additionally I believe stores can provide warranty information to customers upon request. 

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