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Re: 2-Year Cell Phone Protection Plan Costs More Than Phone It Protects

I'm sorry your going through this. I have a similar situation. I bought a 350 dollar phone and a year later I broke the screen. I had the protection plan so I paid the 100 dollar deductible and was sent a phone. The original phone was an unlocked pixel 3a. I was sent a locked phone that I can't use.  I then called geek squad back and they said it was a mistake and said the next phone they send would work but it has the same problem. I called Verizon, the provider that it was locked to. I called t mobile, my carrier. I called several useless geek squad agents. I went back to the store and no one would help me. The only thing best buy is willing to offer is another refurbished phone (not a replacement, it's a used phone basically that they repackage and sell again) that will most likely be locked. I don't want to be stick in this loop of best buy just sendimg me useless phones. I 've read on other forums that this happens up to 4 times to others before they just give up and never shop at best buy again. Unless they can resolve this issue, I'm in the same boat. The ONLY reason to shop at best buy when you have Amazon, ebay and other estores is the geek squad protection plans they offer but I have zero confidence that it's even worth it at this point. I'm done with best buy if they don't fix this and you should be too. Maybe when they go out of business they can look through these forums and realize why.  The worst part is I like best buy, I like the stores and the atmosphere and it's a cool store for a nerd like me to walk around in but I'll take my money elsewhere from now on.

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Re: 2-Year Cell Phone Protection Plan Costs More Than Phone It Protects

Greetings, Rcalococci,

Welcome to our community! Getting a new phone is exciting, and it's always a great option to invest in the Geek Squad Protection plan just in case your tech stops working optimally. I'm sad to hear about the issues that arose with the replacements you've received, and I would like to do all that I can to assist with this!

Since I will need to gather additional details to review this, can you please send me a private message that includes your full name, phone number, email address, and which store location you've been working with regarding this? You can send a secure message by using the Private Message option below in my signature.

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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