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Question about Open Box Warranty (Laptop)

This past August I recently purchased an open box Lenovo Yoga 920 4k laptop from the Best Buy website. A couple days ago my trackpad started having issues such as, the cursor not moving even though my finger was moving accros the trackpad, not scrolling when I tried scrolling up, and highlighting text when the cursor moves across the text(sometimes). I was just wondering if there was any options under warranty(if any) that I could get this fixed?

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Re: Question about Open Box Warranty (Laptop)

Hi there, Stevo4586,


Congratulations on the purchase of your new Lenovo laptop!  Getting new technology is always exciting, (for me, it’s especially exciting when it’s a new computer 😊) so I’m sure you were anxious to get to using it as soon as possible.  Hopefully that excitement has not been tempered too much by the issues with trackpad.


In general, our open box items should have the original manufacturer’s warranty still present on them, so service on that trackpad is most likely still an option.  If you haven’t already done so, I would recommend contacting Lenovo support at (877) 453-6686 or through their support page here.


Alternatively, there are some products that we’re able to send in for service as well under the manufacturer warranty, so you may also be able to bring in your laptop to your local Best Buy store and have our Geek Squad take a look.  We highly recommend making an appointment ahead of time to make sure you don’t have to wait, you can do that here.


Finally, if you happened to have purchased our Geek Squad Protection (GSP) or Total Tech Support (TTS) plans, it’s likely the issue may be covered by one or the other.  To get assistance under those plans, you’d want to go to your local Best Buy store to work with the Geek Squad.  As above, we recommend making an appointment through the link I provided in the paragraph above.


I hope this covered everything, but if you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to respond!



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