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Purchased an open box LG OLED television in July 2018 -- Need advice pursuing repair

I own an OLED55B7A, and I'm thrilled with the television. However, the display has some significant image retention that hasn't been easily mitigated. I've tried the static treatment, extended normal watching conditions, etc, without much improvement.

I purchased the 5-year GSP and have contacted GeekSquad to come test the display. My understanding of buying open items is the manufacturer warranty coverage, if not maintained by the manufacturer, is retained by Geek Squad/Best Buy. My delimma is A.) I like the TV and don't want the policy fulfilled (store credit for the amount I paid), and B.) want the display replaced in the television. The representitive I spoke to framed my chances of getting the display replaced as "up to management discretion" rather than a guarantee.


Overall I'd like some clarification on what warranties, specifically from LG, are retained on open box items. The website claims "some exclusions apply" with no specific mentions of what products exclusions apply to.

I am a Best Buy employee, and I'm here to help as best I can. However, my opinions reflected on this forum are not compensated by Best Buy nor do I speak on behalf on the company.