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Protection Plan Refund Drama

About a month and a half ago I called the Best Buy Geek Squad Account Maintenance department to cancel the protection plan for my washer and dryer as I no longer had possession of them. I was apparently issued a pro rata refund to the original form of payment. The problem is it was issued to the debit card of a Chase checking account that's been closed for nearly 2 years! The refund was supposedly issued just over a month ago.

After speaking with someone from Geek Squad Account Maintenance, I was told to contact the bank as they should issue a check if the card is no longer active. I contact Chase, of whom I no longer have an account with, and explain the situation and they state that since the account had been closed for 2 years the refund would've been returned.

So I've called Geek Squad Account Maintenance and Chase Customer Support several times, going back and forth with one telling me to contact the other and that there's nothing more they can do. I'm literally stuck in an in-between limbo without my refund, Best Buy telling me the refund has been issued and Chase telling me they never received anything.

All I'm asking is for someone to actually investigate and get to the bottom of my issue instead of providing me the scripted "Contact your bank there's nothing we can do" response! It should NOT be this difficult. Surely there has to be a team that can actually assist and help bring about a resolution. Someone who can look past the "I show the refund was processed" line and actually confirm if the refund was returned/rejected after it was supposedly sent.


This is really souring my trust in Best Buy. Is it really worth going through this hassle when the occasion arises after purchasing a protection plan?

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Re: Protection Plan Refund Drama

Morning darcal,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! Geek Squad Protection Plans are great, and can really help when the unexpected occurs. I understand that you decided to cancel your plans as you no longer have your washer and dryer.


Per the terms you agreed to at the time of purchasing your plans you’d be provided a pro-rated refund back to your original form of payment. I’m sorry to learn that Chase may claim they didn’t receive your refund.Using the details you’ve provided I was able to locate your refunds for you to provide some more insight into this matter.


I’ve sent you a private message with the details I can see in regards to your refund. Can you please check your private messages? You can check your private messages by choosing the orange envelope in the top-right hand corner while logged into your forum account.



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Re: Protection Plan Refund Drama

So here's the response I receive from one of your reps via private message:


Hello Darrell,


Thank you for reaching out to us for further clarification on this matter. I’m sorry our agents over the phone at 1-888-BESTBUY were unable to provide you further assistance on this matter. While reviewing your refunds I noted the following information:


Both refunds were processed back to your Visa card ending in xxxx.


6/19/2017 @ 9:06 am for $69.48 it’s states we received an authorization message stating that it was successful.


6/19/2017 @ 9:04 am for $69.48 it’s states we received an authorization message stating that it was successful.


Moving forward you’d need to work with your financial institution to discuss your concerns further.


This is EXACTLY what I keep being told by every one of your reps. I do not have a financial institution to discuss this with as I am no longer a customer of theirs. Your records only show one side. This isn't a return within 30 days, this is a cancellation after 2 years. So if I decided to cancel my 5-yr extended warranty 4 years into it, I actually need to still have my original form of payment from 4 years ago when I made the purchase??? How ridiculous does that sound.
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Re: Protection Plan Refund Drama

So this is my problem Mariah... Best Buy needs to empower their reps with more ability to deviate from the script and resolve unordinary customer issues when necessary or at least have an escalation team who can. My situation is obviously not a common one, but not so uncommon that it doesn't happen to other Best Buy customers. Most financial institutions are setup to continue processing transactions for a set period after account closure. I am well outside of that set period. Since I don't have an acconut with them, I could've moved out of the country for all they know. They're not going to blindly send checks to old customers with accounts that have been closed for an extended period of time, so it makes sense what they're telling me. They reject the funds by the merchant and are returned.

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Re: Protection Plan Refund Drama

Hey darcal

As someone who has had this happen to myself with chase and usbank (lost wallet at one time and for us bank closed account) while you are correct generally Chase will not just send out a check out randomly you would need to contact them and have the issue escalated my recommendation would be to call up customer support and talking to a supervisor then at that point ask to have your issue escalated

The fund were sent back to your bank only thing is the money is in limbo as no account to go into other then chases own pocket for the time being.
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Re: Protection Plan Refund Drama

Pop, I wish I could believe that, but I think everyone I speak to from Best Buy is simply relaying what they see in their system... that it was successful. I've spent a ton of time on this issue with both Best Buy and Chase, even went into a Chase branch and the branch manager herself looked into the issue for me. She was able to pull up all of my closed accounts with them and made an internal call to a team who can view all activity for a given day. They found absolutely nothing related to this refund. I don't believe the refund was processed beyond Best Buy's own system.