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Problems with my GSP warranty return / exchange

To Whom it May Concern,

Hello, the reason for this is to express my concerns about a warranty I had purchased, and the way my interactions have been handled at the location I have been working with. I will explain my situation beginning to end and hopefully you be able to have a clear understanding behind my frustration.

Back in June I had taken a trip to the beach with my girlfriend. While on this trip I had fallen and dropped my Sony a6000. However, I had piece of mind because of the Geek Squad protection plan I had purchased. I took the camera back to the location I visit most (Fresno) and they were able to swap the camera out over the counter basically no questions asked. I felt so at ease and felt comfortable knowing that Best Buy had my back, as I was very apprehensive to damage the camera.

Now, lets skip to current date. The past week I took my camera out shooting and it ended up falling with my tripod and the SEL 55-210 lens (Lens included in the kit) had gotten damaged. Also the camera itself seems to reset randomly and it has become quite frustrating in a short amount of time. Saturday November 17th, I had called and asked if I needed an appointment and also wanted to see about exchanging the camera for a new one, the representative checked the camera I had by pulling up my account and confirmed they had in stock and that they could swap it out. I then took the camera up on Sunday the 18th. I plan for this as this location is roughly a 45-50 min drive from my house. When I arrived on Sunday the representative opened the box and we found out I had forgotten the charger at home, he then stated I would need to bring the charger back to exchange. I was obviously frustrated here, but mostly with myself for forgetting it.

Monday the 19th, I called again and asked if I would be able to stop by and I had explained I was the guy who came in the day before and forgot the charger. The gentlemen on the phone this time did the same thing, pulled up my account, confirmed I have the protection plan and confirmed they had some in stock (I remember them saying they had 8 in stock). I then have to try and rush home as I got out of work at 6:45 P.M. My drive home was about 40 minutes and my drive to best buy was another 50 with all of the after work traffic. I then get to the location around 8:50 P.M. They start pulling my account up to exchange, they guy stated he was unsure how to process it, then he asked for assistance, that gentlemen then called for the manager, a gentlemen named Mark. Mark then stated my only option was to send it out for repairs. I was obviously quite frustrated by this point as this whole time I had been under the impression that it was just a simple swap as that's what was told to me and that's what my experience was the previous time. I explained to Mark about the process leading up to it and also explained that it had been exchanged before. Before fully checking everything he then stated "Well it is most likely because you have too many returns". I stated "what would my returns on other items that I have also purchased warranties for have to do with my camera?" There was no response. I then expressed my concern as I am going out of Town for Thanksgiving and wanted it for pictures. As well as some projects I have scheduled for next week as I operate a Photography Instagram account that has built up to over 46k followers, so doing these side projects is actually important for me. His answer to me was to send the camera out to repair and I will get it back in about 30 days, and for me to purchase a new camera from them and use it until my camera gets back and return the one I purchased. That to me sounds like the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. How unethical is that? Who would be liable if I did go with that route and the camera ended up getting accidentally damaged again? I would assume I would, and that I would then be in a worse situation than I am right now. His other option was for me to keep the camera until I am done with my projects and then send it off. That would be good if; 1, it was not resetting on me, and 2, if the lens was not damaged. By this time I was extremely frustrated and I left.

Tuesday the 20th, I called and asked to speak with Mark about yesterday's interaction, I was left on hold for 30 min and I hung up. I called back again and same thing, I got put on hold this time I waited for 24 min before hanging up. Frustrated starting the day I then drove over there, upon asking for Mark, I found out he was not working today which would have been nice to know before wasting 50 minutes of my life listening to Christmas hold music. I explained my situation to some very nice and understanding team members (Kiwi, and Jesse). They then asked for their "Other Manager" which I believe her name was Diana. I explained everything from start to finish with her and her solution was even more ridiculous, she stated I should just buy a new lens off them send off mine as they would not need the camera and return it when mine comes back in. But yet, once again, if it were to get damaged, I would be the one stuck paying for it. I finally just got frustrated and had Jesse help me schedule to send it in.

Finally to finish this off I was obviously quite heated by this point. I called in to customer service to explain the whole thing to someone and their answer was for me to "drive back to the store and beg them for an exception" and that is the most advice she could give me. I laughed a bit as to how ridiculous that sounded and then explained to her I have already driven out of my way multiple times, why would I want to go back? Her response..."Click". This has been more than a headache for me, I literally lost sleep over this last night. I have almost come to the conclusion that if this is how I am going to be treated, why am I not simply just making my purchases from Amazon? They have a similar warranty / return program. It would only make sense. I have always loved Best Buy as I like to go into the store and get excited with all the new tech and must haves. However, after this experience I feel as if whats the point. If you have read up to this far I thank you for taking the time. I would like to make it clear my goal here is not to get anyone in trouble or fired as I’m sure they were just doing their jobs, but I still feel the situation could have been handled better. Also I would like to know, what are your thoughts on this? Does Best Buy simply not take value in their customers any more?

- Former loyal best best customer 2005-November 20th 2018.
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Re: Problems with my GSP warranty return / exchange

No acknowledgement...figures
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Re: Problems with my GSP warranty return / exchange

While it sounds like there were opportunities in explaining the process for Geek Squad Protection, sending the unit for repair is actually the normal process. When they swapped it the first time, did the unit go in for review? When an accidental damaged product goes into service, they sometimes quickly determine that it would be faster to simply replace the item. It’s not guaranteed, and like I stated before, typically cameras/lenses are sent in for repair .
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Re: Problems with my GSP warranty return / exchange

Hello, Mori88 –


Photography is a neat hobby! Personally, I wish was more talented in this department and I think it’s amazing you have such a strong Instagram following. Thank you for sharing your experience with us here on our community. We sincerely apologize for our delayed response to your concerns. We’d be happy to see what light we can shed on this for you.


Geek Squad Protection Plans are great for “what if” situations like you had described. I’m sorry if the terms of your plan weren’t clearly articulated to you when discussing the options available to assist you at your local Fresno Best Buy. As jdogg836 shared with you while had wait for our reply, usually cameras and lenses would be sent out for repair. I understand other expectations may have been set with you unintentionally due to your previous experience using your Geek Squad Protection Plan. You’re welcome to review the terms of your plan here.


Can you please send us a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address? We’d be happy to see if there’s an update regarding your Service Order to share with you at this time. Also, we’d be happy to ensure that your concerns are fully documented here at our Corporate Office.



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