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Poor customer service - protection plan

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I have not had a functioning dishwasher since August of this year. My tech (Ed) has been great! He came out numerous times and replaced pretty much every component on my Bosch. It was finally decided that it would be junked out. I was given the name and number of the local AM (Martin {removed per forum guidelines}) who would be contacting me to arrange the replacement.


A week went by. No phone call from Martin. I called the Geek Squad number who recommended I give Martin a call. I called him 7 times over 7 days. I left messages.  Zero responses from Martin. I stopped in the Best Buy store twice, they couldn't get Martin on the phone and said that basically their hands were tied.


I called Geek Squad several times. They tried to get Martin on the phone. They were unable to get hold of him.


I was told my situation was being kicked up the chain to an escalation department and I would hear back. Never heard a peep.


I was eventually given the phone number to a replacement department. A wonderful guy named Edward was able to resolve my replacement saga. I called in the replacement unit I wanted and they even matched the price of the new unit to the price of the unit being replaced as a gesture of good faith for all of my troubles.


Today was installation day! I got the call last night to confirm today's appointment. This morning I got a call saying the unit that was to be delivered was discontinued. I called Geek Squad. They said I had to go into the store to pick out a new unit. No.


I called the appliance exchange line again and spoke with Kyle who was very nice. However - he would not honor the price adjustment that was previously given to me. He said his manager told him they should not have adjusted it in the first place. I asked to speak to his manager and was told I could not. I was just out of luck basically. I asked if he read through my entire history and he said he did. Kyle recommended writing a letter to corporate. Really? A letter? Mmmm-kay.


So I forked over $273 more dollars for the new unit and new protection plan. (I'm hosting Thanksgiving and need a functioning dishwasher!!) I now have to wait another full week for delivery next Saturday. That is unless this new unit suddenly becomes unavailable in the meantime.


I need someone to contact me regarding this situation asap. The amount of hoops I had to jump through to get to anyone who could actually help me and wanted to help me was ridiculous. There seems to be zero communication between the stores,, and geek squad. There is no one centralized place for a customer to contact to get issues like this resolved. I was incredibly patient this entire time but now I'm livid. I've been a loyal Best Buy customer for years and never issues like this.


Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with someone who can resolve this situation for me.





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Re: Poor customer service - protection plan

​ jdub0311,


Thanks for creating a profile and connecting with us here on the Best Buy Forums. Welcome to this community! Please take some time to explore all of the content we have to offer here.


Having a working dishwasher is certainly essential when hosting Thanksgiving, so I can absolutely understand you looking for some support here. This situation sounds like it is a bit on the odd side, so I would be happy to look into this closer for you to see what options could be available.


To begin, I would need you to click on the blue button in my signature below to send me a private message. Once there, please provide your full name, email, and phone number.



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