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Re: Poor Customer service

I send private reply to the customer service request for my information.  Recieved and email back thanking me for my explanation about the situation (I never spoke to anyone) and was told I was going to be referred over to an appliance specialist, who I still have not heard from.   So the circle of passing along the customer continues and I still have no resolution on my refrigerator.    

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Re: Poor Customer service

Hello, Kdmolly.


I have responded to your PM regarding this issue.



Natalie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Poor Customer service



After the tech on 2/17 told me the parts are ordered and would be there on Tuesday 2/23 or Wednesday 2/24 and they would be back on Thursday 2/25 to install.  Tech says its all taken care of and they will be back on Thursday 2/25 between 8am & 12pm.  The parts show up on Tuesday  2/23 and wait until 2/25 for the tech to come back. 


I call A&E factory service on the morning of 2/25 because I never got a confirmation from them the day before.  My phone call goes to the automated system and the message tells me "good thing you called there is an issue with your appointment and we need to reschedule".  I could not believe this is happening again!  I talk to an operator at A&E and they tell me that they had to reschedule because they never received a confirmation that the parts were delivered to my house.  I told the operator that no one told me that they needed confirmation and I never received a call from A&E to confirm.  The operator acknowledged they did not call or follow up.  I asked them to get someone to my house that day because of their mistake and she told me they could not do it and would have to wait until March 2nd for a tech to get to my house.


I then call Best Buy geek squad again and talk to another agent, who I explain the whole situation again to and this agent tells me that nothing can be done to get anyone there sooner.  I am so upset that I ask to speak to a supervisor and get put on hold.  I am on hold for about 45 min and I hang up.  This was around 3pm.  I then receive a phone call back from a supervisor around 6pm.  After going back and explaining the situation again how A&E basically admitted they messed up and I am stuck without a refrigerator.  Supervisor was unsympathetic to the whole situation and told me that there was nothing to be done and apologized.  Frustrated, upset and basically almost suffering a panic attack I have to get off the phone.


On 3/2 finally the tech from A&E shows up almost an hour late.  He was supposed to be at my home between 10 am-2pm and shows up a little before 3pm.  The tech shows up with a mask on and promptly removes the mask when he starts working.  He also placed his dirty mask and coat on a chair at my kitchen counter.  After he fills the refrigerator with the gas to make it cool, he then places the tank in our sink and runs water over it for 10 mins. It was very inconsiderate to take off his mask and use our sink without asking us if we were uncomfortable with it.  We did not get into it with the tech because we just wanted out fridge repaired.  Job takes about 2 1/2 hours to complete.


It gets even better.  As I attempt to fill out a food spoilage claim, I try to get a copy of my receipt online by looking through my past purchases.  I find the refrigerator purchase and it is the only purchase out of about 25 purchase that I can not view.  I found that very odd that I could not see the receipt.  I call a geek squad and speak to an agent who says that he can see it on his end and will send it to me.  I never recieve the copy.  What a shock!  I then contact the social media specialist, who I am privately chatting with on this forum, and she tells me she will send it and again never receive it.  I let her know and she never returns my message. I currently have another message out and waiting to hear.  Another shady practice with all of this private chat is that I was chatting with one media specialist who was helpful and easy to contact, but all of the sudden another media specialist started answering my messages and never heard from the 1st one again!  Very strange!


I have also I cannot understand how a company such as Best Buy could be less sympathetic to the situation.  My family of 6 did not have a working refrigerator for a month month.  We lived out of coolers in a garage.  I have to buy ice every other day to keep whatever food we have cold.   This has been a nightmare that I hope no one ever has to go through with Best Buy!!!