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Please no more repairs... Need a replacement!

Back when I bought this stove, induction was the new cool thing and I heard it was more energy efficient and this particular stove had a neat side burner that looked like you could put a whole flat top on it, which is why I wanted it. However, this stove has been nothing but problems right from the very beginning! I've had a neverending amount of strange issues ranging from the cooktop surface to the back circuit board where the buttons are to lights flashing and buttons pressing themselves. One technician a year or so back laughed and said it sounded like I needed an exorcism, not a technician. I was told by another technician years ago if I had problems at least three times, I would receive a replacement at the same value. And even just two appointments ago, I had a fantastic tech who said I most definitely needed a new stove. However, I had to reschedule my second appt with him and got someone else who insisted it was my cookware (Which I got brand new induction pots for christmas) and to be honest, kind of offended me. Samsung's magnet right on the stove says to test ANY cookware and as long as it's magnetic should work. I've had lights flashing on and off in the oven itself, and the supposed right hand flat top has never worked properly, some pots only work on certain burners in a VERY particular position, and now most recently, my oven wasn't letting me change any of the settings and the stovetop kept turning itself on and off with nothing even on it! This time I took a video, because I don't think Geek Squad is taking me seriously. And I even turned the circuit breaker off because it was kind of frightening. I was recently sent a survey after my last call in which I explained all this as well and asked for a call back regarding this, but still have not heard from anybody. My last call resulted in setting up yet another repair appointment. At this point, I would please please request if I can just get my replacement before my warranty is up which is what I expressed on the phone, but was brushed off. They say the repairs should fix the problems, but it's always only temporary and I would 100% rather just a regular electric stove instead. I just genuinely feel this stove has been a defect the entire time I've owned it, and all my friends/family joke about my stove always being broken. I would just like a working stove. Holidays have been tough cooking for a larger crowd and I'm begging Best Buy's Geek Squad to please expedite my request to just get a replacement. Thank you.

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Re: Please no more repairs... Need a replacement!

Hello, turcotte87!

Thank you for your post to the Best Buy Community Forums. Any major appliance requires immediate attention. We would love to help by partnering with our Geek Squad to find a resolution on your behalf. For us to start, would you provide me with your full name, phone, email, and any applicable service order you were provided in a private message.


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