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Please help with phone repair issue

I posted this to Best Buy’s Twitter account, and continue to get the runaround.

@Bestbuy Help Best Buy!! Your North Ft Myers store just broke my mother in laws iphone, and won’t give her a replacement or even give it back to her. She is traveling tomorrow with no phone and no access to her contact list. 1/

2/They refuse to provide contact info for their regional or district manager to help resolve. THIS IS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. The store manager is being of no help. PLEASE HELP US @Bestbuy

My wife escalated to the store manager (Kara) who said she could do nothing. They should have some ability to give her a loaner or refurbished phone and transfer her contacts over to it - so she has a working phone for the next week. Or sell her a cheap one, something to solve the problem!

The Twitter team now tells me that they can’t contact us live to discuss.

Please help!!!!