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Please Help!!! Samsung Ice Maker problem for the 17th time!!!

So..... got tricked into getting another samsung fridge which basically had the same issue as the first one but that time, Bestbuy decided to honor the lemon law issue there. I love the fridge but the ice maker keeps freezing up and this time I can't even pull the trey out. Worst part is I have a son that is medically fragile and getting repair people in the house only causes more risk to him. I was told that this "new" kit will fix the issue but I don't really have any faith in it as multiple repair people have told me in the past, this kit doesn't work. Has anyone had any luck with any kit or do I just have to call bestbuy every time this ices up which seems to be about once a month now. I use to work for Bestbuy and like the company but I can also see the position they're in since this defect impacts a ton of people but just don't know what to do at this point. Don't want to drop another possible $3k to replace this thing but if I do, any suggestions? This is really starting to make me reconsider Bestbuy if they pull these corporate tactics. Sorry fo the vent but COVID got me annoyed and scared. Thanks for listening and stay safe!