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Past Repair Estimate HP Omen Please Help!

I dropped my HP Omen gaming desktop off at our local Best Buy Geek Squad location on 2/6/2021.  When I dropped it off, the tower would power on but would not output to any of the display ports.  It was sent to the Geek Squad repair center.  I was given an estimated completion date on my repair order of 2/22/2021 and verbally told by the Geek Squad agent that it might be up to 4-6 weeks due to COVID.  


On 3/4/2021, nearly a month later, I received an update through the Repair Tracker that my PC had finally been received in the repair center and that parts had been ordered.  


On 3/10/2021, I received my next update via the Repair Tracker.  There were two - one that said the vendor had been contacted about my parts and the next update said simply that the problem had been diagnosed.  No further updates are available via the Repair Tracker.  


Last Sunday (3/14/2021) I called in to request an update.  The agent I spoke with was not very helpful - he told me that Best Buy was still within that 4-6 week repair window estimate and that if it wasn't ready by Saturday (3/20/2021) that I could request further action be taken.  He was vague about what those options might be, and when I asked who I should talk to about those options and whether it was the Geek Squad customer service team or the in-store team, he told me I would receive an update and to just do whatever the update said.  


Yesterday (3/20/2021) I had yet to be contacted, so I reached out to Geek Squad customer support again.  The gentleman I spoke with was more helpful - he informed me that on 3/10/2021, a Return Authorization number had been requested because my computer was sent to the manufacturer for repair and that they had determined the unit would not power on and was thus irreparable.  He offered to and did escalate the issue.  


I called today (3/21/2021) and spoke with another agent, who did indeed confirm that the escalation was in process and that the Return Authorization had been requested on 3/10/2021.  


1) Why was the agent on 3/14/2021 unable to tell me that there was a Return Authorization already in process for my computer?


2) Why do I have a notation that when it was dropped off, it powered on fine but now all of a sudden, it can't?  That seems to be why it was deemed irreparable - an issue that arose once it was in Best Buy's custody.


3) Now I'm being told that I can have a store credit for an equitable device, yet no such device seems to exist or is in stock... What happens now?  I have to take a LESSER model and be unhappy with my product after you damaged it further AND made me wait longer than I should have?  


4) All my data was lost AND my computer had custom RAM in it - The Geek Squad employee said it will be returned to me and issued a notice for that, but what happens when/if I don't get my belongings back?  And what of my lost data because you broke my computer and put it in an irreparable state?  


5) None of my local stores are currently accepting phone calls, so what's my recourse now?  

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Re: Past Repair Estimate HP Omen Please Help!

Hey, zmobiegirl,


Thank you for reaching out, and welcome to the Best Buy Forums! I appreciate you choosing the Geek Squad for your repair needs, but I'm sorry to hear that you have had difficulty getting an update on your repair, and that you have several unanswered questions in regards to your next steps here.


I'd like to take a closer look into this and see what information I may be able to clarify. Please send us a private message with your full name, email, phone number, and service order number and I can get started right away.




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