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Open Box Lenovo Warranty Exprired



I purchased an open box Lenovo laptop from with store pickup.  Per Lenovo's support site, my warranty has expired.  Best Buy open box are supposed to come with a full manufacturer's warranty, which, in this case, should be 1 year from purchase. 


Will Best Buy geek squad honor/support the warranty? If so, how do I go about confirming that and executing it shoud I need to avail myself of warranty service?


I've gone to the store twice already, but both times, it'd have been a long wait to speak to a geek squad representative so I'm hoping that I can get some sort of answer here.

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Re: Open Box Lenovo Warranty Exprired

Normally the geek squad would take care of warranty issues if the manufacturer fails to on open box items
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Re: Open Box Lenovo Warranty Exprired

nckhammond is spot on, you should have no trouble with getting support on an open item through Geek Squad.


Keep in mind, when visiting the Geek Squad Precinct in-store they do require an appointment.  This was going on for at least a few years before COVID began, but is all the more important at this time. 

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Re: Open Box Lenovo Warranty Exprired

Yes, seems like that is the case.  I just need an offiical confirmation of that fact so that I can ensure I get coverage should the need arrise.

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Re: Open Box Lenovo Warranty Exprired

Can I get someone from Best Buy to officially confirm the policy?


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Re: Open Box Lenovo Warranty Exprired

Good evening, davidluther,


Thank you for stopping by our community forums. Buying open-box products is a great way to get a great deal, I know I've purchased several over the years. In addition to saving at the time of purchase, these products also offer the benefit of the full manufacturer warranty


In the event that a manufacturer is unable or unwilling to provide service for this warranty, the Geek Squad should then be able to provide help as nckhammond and jdogg836 mentioned. To do so you would just need to create a service appointment.


I hope I was able to clear this up! Please let me know if you have more questions I can help with.

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