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Oneplus 8t less than 60 days old; factory resetting 2x weekly. Nothing can be done?

I purchased my oneplus 8T at the end of August and last month it started giving me issues on reading my finger print. I was told to clear the cashe and then factory reset my phone, well i am having to do this more and more often. This last week I have had to factory reset my phone twice, I have to use programs on my phone to validate my work computer. So when I have to reset this up it alerts my HR who then questions me about this. I have spoke to someone at my local bestbuy store and was told that they can not do anything. It is a known issue of the 8t and while it will have a fix at some time they do not know when that fix will be. I paid for the phone out right and basically have a device that is unusable after less than 60 days. It is a very disappointing situation and I am hoping that something can be done to rectify my situation. I am an elite member, credit card holder and signed up for the total tech protection today (no one had ever told me about it before now).

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Re: Oneplus 8t less than 60 days old; factory resetting 2x weekly. Nothing can be done?

Unless some kind of protection plan was purchased at the time of your phone, you would need to go to the manufacturer to get the phone repaired or possibly replaced as it sound like you are outside of your return policy window. The only way you would see an exception if there was a recall on that phone and in that case Best Buy usually issues bulletins about product recalls.

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Re: Oneplus 8t less than 60 days old; factory resetting 2x weekly. Nothing can be done?

Welcome, avperks,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our community forums and writing to us regarding your cell phone purchase. Having grown quite accustomed to the features that allow me to access my phone quickly, I can imagine how inconvenient it would be for this fingerprint scanner to stop working so frequently. I would be happy to help you explore what options we may have to assist you.


We offer a 14-day Return & Exchange Promise for cell phones and devices that can be activated. Because of how much time has passed we would be unable to exchange this phone. Do you recall if you purchased a Geek Squad Protection with this phone? If so, the Geek Squad may have some options available to assist you. If you'd like, I can take a look at your purchase history to help clarify if this option is available.


If you didn't purchase a Geek Squad Protection plan, I would recommend contacting OnePlus support to explore what options may be available under the manufacturer warranty. Please feel free to let me know if you have any more questions I can help with! 

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