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On the phone last week for over 30 hours, mostly on hold, without a computer for over 2 months

So it's a very long story, I'll try to summarize:


A couple years ago I bought an Alienware 17 R5 online from Best Buy, but had a ridiculous amount of difficulty with the order. After waiting months and being on the phone over and over and getting cussed out by representatives, I finally was handed to someone higher up and after reviewing everything that had happened I was offered a significant discount and told that if I would remain a customer, I'd get the discount plus if I purchased the Geek Squad plan, in the unlikely event the computer needed to be replaced that Best Buy would replace it with one of equal quality.


I began having trouble with the computer two or three months ago and brought it in to Geek Squad. They shipped it off and when I got it back not only was the problem not fixed, there were new problems, and the report stated that 'internal components had been replaced' but nobody could tell me exactly what was done for some reason, so I brought it in again. I'll add here that I'm at high risk for Covid so I'm not supposed to be in public places unless absolutely necessary. This time it was sent off, and a week later I received emails stating it was being worked on, I checked the status and it said the same thing. After not hearing anything for two weeks, I checked the status again, and the status updates had been erased and been replaced with 'Your repair is in queue', whereas before it had stated someone was working on it. It also stated in two messages dated very early that morning that my computer needed a part, and good luck it was in stock. I checked the next day, the previous messages had been erased, and the same messages were reentered but dates one day later in the early morning. Every day I checked and the same thing was happening. I tried calling in to check on it but it was the same every time, they couldn't tell me what was happening, nobody knew. So finally after a month I get a message stating my computer was ready to pick up. So I made an appointment, when I got there they brought out my computer and I honestly thought they had brought out the wrong computer. The case was scratched and absolutely filthy. I am immaculate with my computer equipment. So I said fine, but please test it here so I don't have to come back. The rep opened it, turned it on and within one minute it had died and was completely unresponsive. So the manager came over, apologised and told me he was going to replace the computer, and to go with the salesman and pick out a computer similar to my Alienware and he would discount the price to match the amount of my credit. Spent 30 minutes picking out a computer, when we return to the desk the manager completely goes back on what he said and says he can't alter the price. Then he says if I pick an open box item he can adjust the price. I'm not at all happy about this, but because of my risk category I just want to leave this public place, so I say fine, go with the salesman again, can't find anything suitable, but we find one that's decent so I say if I can upgrade the RAM and video card this is fine, I just need to get out of here. He assures me I can, so when the manager comes to adjust the price, I ask him to be sure, if the RAM and card can be upgraded, he says no they can't. Now I'm getting quite upset, so the manager changes AGAIN and says if we can order a computer to be delivered, he can adjust the price to match. I say fine, I need to leave. So the saleman is behind the counter looking up computers on the website and describing them to me since I can't see the screen. I tell him my list of must-haves (ethernet port, certain level of processer, RAM and video card), and he says he's found one that matches. Rings it up and I get out of there as quickly as possible.

When I return home I decide I'd better check the website to make sure I'm getting the computer he said I'm getting, and of course when I check it the computer he ordered is completely unacceptable and useless to me, doesn't meet any of the requirements I gave to him.

And so then begins the long, tortured odyssey of my redundant journey through Best Buy's phone support system. From Sunday to Friday last week I was, without exaggeration, on the phone for over 30 hours, the vast majority of which was spent on hold, often for so long that eventually an automated message would pop up asking for my desired extension. I've been hung up on, disconnected, yelled at, transferred endlessly to the wrong departments who will in turn transfer me back to the previous department or some other department, often times without even informing me of what they're doing. I did manage finally to get the delivery order cancelled somehow, and on Thursday I finally spoke with a supervisor named Arthur who reviewed the notes and apologised and said he would be happy to order me a new computer, in fact the newer model of the computer I had previously brought in to Geek Squad (Alienware m17 R4) at no extra cost to me, but he said he just needed to get Geek Squad on the line to facilitate the price reduction since he was limited to a 20% discount. This was after I spent over four hours on the phone that day. So he says, let me just put you on hold for a minute, and 'click', he hung up on me. I didn't receive a callback, and I found out later he didn't even make any notes about it on the account, so I was forced to start the entire process over again.

This all culminated on Friday, when I spent OVER 8 HOURS on the phone (I have taken screenshots of my phone to prove this). I have been lied to by countless supervisors and employees who don't know their jobs so they pawn me off on some other clueless person in some other department, where it gets rinsed and repeated ad nauseum. I've been keeping track of the names of all the employees and have literally filled a sheet with names, numbers, extensions (the vast majority of which were, from what I can ascertain, pure works of fiction). I have chatted with just about your entire teleservice workforce in Guatemala, Panama and the Philippines.


Sooo ... all I want is to get what I've been promised multiple times, a new computer comparable to the one I lost to Geek Squad and their apparent inability to fix a computer without breaking it further and ignoring the original issue. I cannot continue to spend hours and hours each day going in circles and accomplishing little more than raising my blood pressure.


I need my computer for my job and have been without it now for over two months.


Can someone please, for the love of all that's holy, please assist me and order a new computer for me, which at this point I desperately need??????????????