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Not honoring warranty

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​We purchased a Frigidaire Microwave on 12/10/2016 and the extended warranty which at the time cost $39.99 order Number {removed per forum guidelines} . The other day I heated up a bowl of stew and a huge piece of paint fell off the inside of the microwave door.


I called Best Buy yesterday​11/12/18​ in Eau Claire to see about bringing it in to be fixed and was told they don't fix them in the store and was transferred to the 800 number to schedule an in home repair. A BB representative who identified himself as Rayden said they only send someone out if it was a built in and the store should fix it. He was supposed to contact the store and call me back if we got disconnected. We got disconnected and he never called back so I called Eau Claire store again and spoke to Dillon in the Geek squad he said the store manager was on another line but she told him to tell us we should bring it in for an in store credit.


My husband took it in to the Eau Claire store today 11/13/2018 on his way to the doctor (we are retired) and was told they wouldn't fix or replace it as it was as a result of normal wear and tear and a cosmetic issue.


Number one it isn't cosmetic hanging or chipping paint on the inside of a microwave poses a fire risk.


Number two no where in Best Buys warranty does it say you don't fix normal wear in fact it says the opposite. I would dispute that it was cosmetic anyway since it is on the inside and obviously caused by poor workmanship in the paint application process.


However, even if it was normal wear and tear Best Buy's warranty clearly states in black and white under the heading Normal Wear and Tear "We fix failures from dust, internal heat and humidity, plus defects in materials and workmanship"


​Following my husbands visit to the store ​I called the 800 number again and was put on hold by someone named Charles he never came back but eventually someone named Alexis picked up and I explained again. She eventually said the same thing as the Eau Claire store they wouldn't honor the warranty but since it was a defect Frigidaire might. So I said the reason I bought the BB extended warranty was because the manufacturers warranty was only one year and the microwave will be two years old in December. So I asked for a supervisor and a Macie D.came on the line and also said BB would not fix or replace it.


According to GE... If the coating is actively flaking or paint is peeling anywhere inside the oven cavity (including under the turntable) discontinue the use of the microwave and replace it. The microwave is not repairable. {removed per forum guidelines}


The reason we bought the warranty is because it is supposed to cover these things. We are extremely disappointed that Best Buy is not honoring their warranty. I would like someone to show me where in your warranty it says you will not cover this since your warrantly clearly says it will.

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Re: Not honoring warranty

One of the rare occasions that I agree with the poster! Years ago (5 plus), there was an oem microwave touch up paint that was recommended by the manufacturer. However they stopped recommending
It or providing the paint and now say not to fix it but dispose of the microwave.
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Re: Not honoring warranty

Good afternoon WisconsinLori,


Welcome to our forums.  I’m sorry to hear you’ve been unable to utilize the Geek Squad Protection (GSP) to replace your microwave, and your conversations with our Eau Claire, WI store have only added to your frustration.


I’d like to review your GSP further and explore what options are available to us at this time, however, I’ve been unable to locate your GSP or a microwave purchase using the information you’ve provided us when joining our Community.  With that said, I may be able to locate your GSP given a few pieces of additional information from you:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address


If this microwave and GSP was purchased under your husband’s name, I’ll ask he create his own account on our Support Forums, and provide me the information requested.  To send me this information privately, be sure to use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Not honoring warranty

Thank you I will send you the info requested via private message.

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Re: Not honoring warranty

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