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No one gives me any help

First, I am learning English, so my English is not good. I bought a Philips HX6921/04 electric toothbrush from your company’s store in Flushing, Queens, New York on Black Friday last year. Unfortunately, the toothbrush broke yesterday. I can’t work and charge normally. I tried to go to the official Philips website to apply for repair, but I couldn’t find this model on the website, so I couldn’t complete it online. I called Philips customer service, but because of my poor English, they could not solve it Problem, so Philips customer service asked me to go to the store where I bought it for help. This is why I asked you. When I went to the store and told the clerk about the problem and provided pictures for help, your clerk refused my request. The store manager also refused my request for help, which is crazy! When I was living in China, I ran 3 electrical appliances stores. When my customers encountered problems, we would help to solve them. This is the most basic way of business. However, today you ruthlessly rejected me! I have never seen such an electrical distributor, never! So I threw my toothbrushing in your shop angrily, it's too bad!

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Re: No one gives me any help

Did you buy Geek Squad Protection on your toothbrush? If not, your anger is entirely misplaced. Best Buy is the store you bought it from, Philips is the manufacturer that supplies the manufacturer’s warranty. As it is well outside of the return period (9+ months with the holiday return policy), the only thing they’d be able to assist with is the number to Philips for their warranty support. Philips should not have sent you back to the store. I can’t imagine taking my car into the dealership for warranty work and the Service Advisor telling me to “go talk to your sales person”. Makes zero sense.

No matter the frustration level, it is not acceptable to throw anything. The person on the other side of the counter is just an employee and is certainly not the one who made any decisions. The decision to stick with the manufacturer’s warranty was yours, the decision to recommend you return to the store you purchased from was Philips, the decision on return policies was done by Best Buy Corporate. With that said, very few if any retailers will accept a return 9+ months later. Most direct you to the manufacturer’s so they can take care of it according to their own warranty.
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Re: No one gives me any help

Hello, Jan-leung,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forum! Thanks for making your first post.


It can be frustrating when the tech we rely on isn't working. I can understand wanting to get your toothbrush back up and running.

Best Buy offers customers support options outside of the manufacturer's warranty through service plans, such as Geek Squad Protection. For items that are outside of the return and exchange period, a service plan may be required to have a device serviced or replaced. I apologize for any confusion that occurred that left you with a different impression of your options. 

Philips offers a two-year manufacturer's warranty on their toothbrushes. I was able to find a support page for the model you mentioned, and I would recommend checking it out to review some troubleshooting tips and options for support under your warranty. There is also information there on how to connect with support over phone or chat.

If there is any additional information that I can help you find, please let me know.


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