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Need To File a Serious Complaint.

My husband and I switched from Sprint to Verizon at one of Best Buy's locations. Besides the fact that it took almost 2.5 hours because no one knew what they were doing, we also ended up with the wrong price for our service ($70/month per line when they said it would be $60), but I'm now out of pocket HUNDREDS of dollars because they told me I had 2 weeks to turn my phone in and Verizon would still repair the screen with the insurance.


Cut to last night, I bring my phone into a different Sprint location and they say it's going to cost hundreds of dollars to repair the screen because once the service was cut off so was the insurance. Sure, that makes sense, but the Best Buy employees, who are supposed to be Sprint Authorized Retail employees, told me "Don't worry about it, you have two weeks" when we showed them my phone. So rather than just paying the $150 I have left on my lease, I know ALSO have to pay $200+ to have Sprint repair my phone without insurance. WTH? I would have absolutely gotten my phone repaired for $29 BEFORE I switched service and rendered my insurance null and void if they would have explained that to me when I asked. Nope, someone wanted to make a sale, so I was completely misled and now I'm screwed out of hundreds of dollars. Really crappy. 


Husband and I went to speak to a manager at the Best Buy location where this all went down and he basically shrugged and said there was nothing he could do. That's completely unacceptable. Their employees are supposed to be Sprint Authorized retail employees and should have given me the correct information about how returning leased phones work. I just don't get how they're not responsible for THEIR own negligence. 


How do I file this so that store managers and corporate and maybe even Sprint is aware that Best Buy is misleading their customers?



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Re: Need To File a Serious Complaint.

Good afternoon, EGoldman86,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum and thank you for reaching out to tell us about your recent experience when switching to Verizon in one of our store locations. The goal is to provide great service in all our lines of business, and it sounds like there is room for improvement in your interactions with the local store.


As I am located here at the corporate office, I do want to be ensure this is recorded and looked into. So I can get that started, can you please provide some more information? I’ll need your full name, phone number, email address, the store that you went into and the customer service PIN from your store transaction. To keep that information secure, please send that as a private message by selecting that option in my signature below.



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