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Need Help - Sedgewick Not Responding

I purchased and had a new dishwasher installed 3 weeks ago. It was deemed defective by the 3rd party installation company, and there is extensive water damage to my home. I have a claim number, and a contact at Sedgewick (Best Buy insurer). His voicemail has been full for over a week, and I am unable to leave a message. Mold is starting to grow under my kitchen island, the smell is horrendous, and I am starting to be concerned that this is becoming a hazard, but was hesitant to start any sort of restoration until I am able to get a claims adjuster out and/or get the 'OK'to do so. What can I do?

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Re: Need Help - Sedgewick Not Responding

Greetings, NikkiRobinsonBrooks!


Welcome to the Best Buy forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to join and write us about your dishwasher situation. Also, I apologize it has taken me so long to get back to you on this. We’ve been unusually busy recently, and it is taking longer than I’d like to get back to everyone.


Having the need to work with an insurance company is complex enough without it being complicated by communications issues, and no resolution or communication forthcoming for over a week. I was quite discouraged to read of your situation and I regret any inconvenience to you. I'd like to help if I can, but will need some more details to begin.


Will you please send me a private message with your Sedgwick Claim Number, full name, phone number, and e-mail connected to your account? You can send me a private message by choosing the blue “Private Message” button next to my name at the bottom.


I look forward to your reply!

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Sedgewick not responding

Jim, be prepared for a very bumpy ride with Sedgewick. I filed a claim in August and experienced what you are describing until November. My claim was finally settled by the insurer for the company that Best Buy subcontracted, after doing all of the leg work myself, but I never did hear back from Sedgewick. I am sad to say you are pretty much on your own. Good luck to you.

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Re: Sedgewick not responding



Thanks for letting me know what you had to go through. Glad to hear your claim was eventually settled. I'll keep pushing until we get it resolved.  Have a great day,  Jim