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My working Mac Pro now doesn't work

On Monday 6/4/18 I dropped off my Mac laptop for repairs with the Geek Squad.  I showed them that all it had was physical damage (dented next to the keyboard and the screen was cracked).  I powered it up and they asked me if I needed to back it up.  I told them I had already backed it up which obviously indicates it was working.  They shipped it to be repaired.  Today, (6/7/18) I get a message to call in to authorize repairs.  When I call I am told that they have to replace the processor because the laptop will not power on.  The cost?  $2100.00.  No one mentioned Apple Care.  I asked how a perfectly working computer with physical damage could now not be powering on and no one had an answer.  The best they could do is to tell me to call the store.  I did this and they were less of a help after keeping me on hold for close to 20 minutes.  So thanks to Best Buy I am out a computer.  They have lost a customer and I will make sure that no one I know uses the Geek Squad again! I've learned my lesson and will deal directly with Apple from now on.

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Re: My working Mac Pro now doesn't work

Hi dlmorales,


I do thank you for choosing the Geek Squad for your computer repair needs. It does seem strange that the unit was working when you sent it out, but is now not functioning. Do you have AppleCare covering this Mac Pro? To be honest it could just be a coincidence that the computer stopped working between the time you sent if off to be repaired and now.


I'd love to look into this for you. Could you send me a private message with your name, your phone number, your email address, and your service order number? To send me a private message click on the private message button to the right of my signature.



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Re: My working Mac Pro now doesn't work

Update:  picked up my laptop at Best Buy after declining their repair and it when I plugged it in and pressed the start button it powered on perfectly fine. Again the only thing wrong with it was physical damage which obviously was not repaired. From now on I will deal with Apple directly.