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My Washer service plan was cancelled by store employee in error, need issue corrected ASAP

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Recently, I had my Samsung Electric Dryer with Service Plan#{removed per forum guidelines}serviced and ultimately replaced per the lemon clause on your protection plans.

Upon purchasing a new dryer, a store employee cancelled my washer's protection plan #{removed per forum guidelines}(that had never been used) instead of the dryer's plan #{removed per forum guidelines}(which had been fulfilled due to the exchange approval.)

I called an tried to set up service on my washer the other day and the Geek Squad agent on the phone advised me and confirmed with me that the wrong service plan was cancelled by the store employee.

After more than a week's back and forth with customer service and a frustrating level of passing the buck within Best Buy, this was referred to your "back office" whom I was assured would fix the problem.

Without any word from or the Geek Squad, I called yesterday and finally spoke to a supervisor after multiple transfers and hang ups. She explained that the old dryer plan had been keep active instead of reactivating the correct plan for my washer. She said the washer information was transferred to the old dryer plan and I should be able to schedule service on my washer without a problem through 8/1/2020. I scheduled the service as instructed.

Today, I received an email from stating my "new'" service plan for my washer had been canceled due to the amount of service being performed on the washer exceeding the amount detailed in the plan. Mind you, the washer service plan had never been used since the time of purchase.

I tried calling today to seek a resolution to the new problem with the service plan but got hung up on twice after being transferred to the Geek Squad service plan department.

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Re: My Washer service plan was cancelled by store employee in error, need issue corrected ASAP

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Good afternoon, anubis1771,


Welcome back to our community.  As someone who tends to add a protection plan to almost every purchase I make, I'm sure I'd be quite concerned and a bit frustrated if the wrong plan were cancelled for a product I still owned.  I'm sorry to hear that you've encountered such troubles trying to correct this situation, and I regret the obvious inconvenience this has posed to you.


While I can't promise a particular outcome, I'd like to look into this for you.  When you can, please send me a private message that includes the below information by selecting the "Private Message" button in my signature next to my name.


Full name

Email address

Phone number


I look forward to hearing from you.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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