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My ASUS TM420UA often has problems

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As I mentioned, I bought this laptop 3 months ago and sometimes the screen become black for a while, and I have to move my mouse to become normal. I dont know what problem is this. Can you help me ?
Here is the image. I also record this in case you need to watch full of the issue.

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Re: My ASUS TM420UA often has problems

Right click on the battery icon at the bottom right and then look at your Power Options. Is it set to something that has the monitor turn off quickly? If you have to move your mouse to restore this, it would indicate a problem with the power saver settings.

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Re: My ASUS TM420UA often has problems

Hey, haidofont,


I'm sure after owning this laptop for 3 months having the screen become black at times would be concerning. My suggestion would be to bring the unit into the Geek Squad precinct at your local store, and have them attempt to resolve this for you. I would suggest making an appointment with the Geek Squad before going to this store. To make an appointment with the Geek Squad at this store you can do so here. Let me know if you need anything specific from me.



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