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Multiple Issues with GeekSquad Repair Center

Back in September the screen of my MacBook Pro that had a little over a year mysteriously cracked. I live in California... went to my local Best Buy store.... They sent it off for repair. I got it back a week later. The guy at the Best Buy store pointed out to me during the inspection that the bottom lid wasn't put back on correctly. Therefore my laptop didn't close all the way. He asked if I wanted to send it back for repair right then and there. It was there mistake and still covered under apple care, so there will be no charge.  As a result of the lid not closing properly, I would wake up some days and my computer would be dead or sometimes in the middle of the day. Some days I work at 2-3 schools in the same day (some of which I don't have gauranteed access to an outlet to charge my computer), so it is not always feasible to take my charger with me. This is my personal computer but I also use it heavily for work. I worked at several different schools, so I couldn't be without again until winter Break. 


I dropped it off exactly two weeks ago on Wednesday, Dec 19th. The next day on the 20th, I received an email that my computer had arrived at the Geek Squad repair center in Kentucky and it had been assigned to an agent to Diagnose. The next update came six days later on the 26th. I received a voicemail, saying I owed $299 for the repairs and that work couldn't be done until I paid that money.  When I called the person back she told me I owed all that money because of severe damage. I had to explain to her that all the damage came from it being repaired the first time at the Geek Squad Center and that I was told that I wouldn't be charged for it. She said she had to check with a few people and that she would call me back the next day. That call never came. At this point my computer had been sitting at the repair center in Kentucky without being looked at. I am already without my computer for a week, because of a mistake someone made while repairing it the first time. From checking updates and from calling Geek Squad customer service, I found out that they got the fee discrepancy solved and they had ordered a part for my computer. At this point I want to know, why did the lady who said she would call me back never call me back and why did it take a week for someone to look at my computer???????????


At this point, I have been without my computer for two weeks because of Geek Squads mistake of fixing it the first time. They took their time diagnosing it this time.  It's back to work for me this week, but I don't have my laptop back yet. 

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Re: Multiple Issues with GeekSquad Repair Center

Hello angel310323,


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Best Buy forum to let us know about your experience when seeking repair on your MacBook Pro. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be when a computer isn’t working as well as it should. If your MacBook was damaged or incorrectly repaired back in September that definitely isn’t the experience we would want for you.


Regarding your question about why a computer may not be diagnosed immediately upon arrival at the service center, please know that products are typically serviced in the order they are received. So, as an example, if the service center were to receive 10 items today and they already had 50 repairs in line that were received previously, the 10 new items from today should be added to the end of the work queue allowing repairs to be addressed on a first-come-first-served basis.


As for your questions about why an agent may not have called you, that’s hard to say as I was not present for the interaction. That being said, I’m glad to hear that even if there was some confusion previously, that you’re saying that the repair order has been sorted out in terms of coverage. If there was any confusion about contacting you, I’m quite apologetic, though, as I too would want to know what was happening with my repair order.


At this point, though I cannot promise a faster repair, I would be happy to record your feedback here as we use customer insights in an effort to continually improve ourselves. For me to do that, I’ll need some additional information from you. Please send your full name, phone number, email address, and repair order number. To keep those details secure, you should be able to send me a private message by selecting the “private message” button in my signature below.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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