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Misleading information about warranty repairs

I bought a refurbished iPhone 6s on in February.  It was experiencing battery life issues from the date of purchase, but the battery performance declined quickly in April.  I brought it to the Best Buy store in S. Setauket, NY on Saturday 4/18.  I described the phone issues to the geek squad representative and told him it was a refurbished phone baught on  He said that it was likely in need of battery replacement and that he could take it, but since it was refurbished he would have to send it away for a few days.  However, he said that the Apple store nearby would service it immediately (if they weren't too busy).  The Apple store was not too busy so I spoke to a genius bar employee who confirmed that the battery was consumed and in need of immediate replacement, but said that the phone was out of warranty so I would have to pay $50 + tax.  He suggested I should do that and then fight with betbuy for reimbursement.  Not desiring a difficult argument with BestBuy I called 1-888-BESTBUY and spoke with a representative whose job was to describe warranty coverage.  I again told her that I bought a refurbished iPhone on and detailed the situation again.  She initiated a 3-way call with the S. Setauket store and I talked with her and Chris, an asst. manager in the Geek Squad.  He told me that he was familiar with this issue and that if I brought the iPhone back to the Best Buy store he would have the battery replaced for no cost.  I returned to Best Buy and initiated the repair.  About an hour later I was told that they could not do the repair because the phone was refurbished.  At this point I had spent 4 hours back and forth with no actual progress.  I asked to speak to the manager (another Chris).  After explaining the situation to him, Chris told me there was nothing he could do for me.  He could not give me a gift card.  He could not honor the statements made by his employee and customer service rep at 888-BESTBUY.  When I told him that I considered this unacceptable and that I would speak to his manager as soon as I could, he told me that I should "do whatever I want to."  After being out of town I then tried to contatct the general manager, but was told I could not speak to him and transferred to 888-BESTBUY again.  They told me they cannot take complaits and I would have to "leave feedback" online which includes no way to receive a reply!  These absurdities have only added to my frustration.  I believe that any reasonable person would agree that replacing the battery on my phone for free is the LEAST that Best Buy can do for me given that this promise was made to me by two different representatives with full knowledge of the true situation.  I hope that this message warrants a response and that I do not have to seek alternate means to seek redress.

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Re: Misleading information about warranty repairs

Hello, kirkup,

Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums.  I’m sorry about the issue you’re having with your iPhone, and for the different messages you’ve received about what kind of warranty coverage it has, and the costs associated with it. I understand your frustration about being given inaccurate information.

I’d like to take a look into that purchase to see what kind of coverage is available on it, if any. Please send me a private message, by using the link in your signature below this post, with your name, email address, phone number, and the order number from your purchase. 


Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Misleading information about warranty repairs

Unfortunately, Best Buy continues not to stand by its employees' promises.  After trying for an extended period of time to deal with this privately, the social media specialists who respond to me are unable to connect me with anyone who has responsibility and power to help.


Even a simple request like a return for a full refund does not get approved.  I will certainly never buy anything from Best Buy ever again, whether used or new.  The only advantage of a traditional store is service, but in Best Buy's case, you get a combination of higher prices because of overhead and outsourced customer service whose main job seems to be saying "sorry, I have no authority and there's no one you can talk to."