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Mislead, lied to, belittled, discussed

I’m a frustrated loyal long time customer I spend thousands of dollars every year in your store, I have been mislead, lied to, belittled, and made a fool of, I purchased the extend service plan, when I elected to buy my OLED tv it was an open box I clearly and in grave detail repeatedly ask the question “if my tv breaks and you can’t fix it will I get a new tv to replace mine, and to please be honest with me and I repeatedly was told yes I would, Now I see I was lied to and totally mislead, the geek squad made 2 attempts to repair my tv before they detriment that it couldn’t be repaired, only then did I find out that I “DONT” get a new tv that if I wanted a new one I would have to pay the deference after a credit, I was devastated to say the least to hear that! Never have I been takin advantage of this bad in my lifetime, I was never told anything about I would have to pay a difference, Or a depreciation value, I would have never bought this tv or service plan! I’m no where near done!! There is a lot more to this issue that I would love to discuss
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Re: Mislead, lied to, belittled, discussed

You should’ve been offered a comparable tv or the value of the comparable unit towards a tv of your choosing, up to the price you spent on your older set. With technology advances, the replacement unit may have a lower cost than your previous set. Also, if your open box television was purchased at an extreme discount, you may end up with a difference due to the deal you previously received. In those instances, it may be necessary to look for a similar open box deal at your store or neighboring stores to avoid being out of pocket. This may seem straightforward to a lot of people, but it is worth noting that the maximum benefit of the plan will never exceed the price you paid for the television.
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Re: Mislead, lied to, belittled, discussed



Welcome to our community, although I wish it were under happier circumstances. There is never a situation where you or our other customers should be treated with anything but respect and what you've described it certainly not living up to that objective. I apologize for your having to cope with such behavior during your recent visit to our store and for your having received apparently incorrect information about Geek Squad Protection (GSP) when you bought your TV.


As regards your GSP coverage: at the time of your purchase, you were asked to sign an acknowledgment that you had received the Terms & Conditions of your GSP (or agreed to receive them via email) plan which state:


...For clearance, open-box, and other Covered Products originally purchased at a discount, we may issue a gift card or voucher for the original discounted purchase price plus tax instead of offering a replacement...


With further apologies, Best Buy would not be able to offer a new-in-box replacement for your open-box TV. Our store representatives should be able to assist you in selecting a TV that will meet your needs. I encourage you to work with them toward that resolution. 


Please know I am grateful you wrote to us and for your feedback on this experience. Best Buy cannot hope to improve in meaningful ways without the input of our valued customers.

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