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Mislead about warranty information

Hi I purchased a TV from the Jackson Michigan store 49202. The purchase was 08/16/2017 along with my 55" tv I also purchased the extended warranty which was recommended to me. Me being a new parent I asked if accidental damage which resulted from a toy being thrown or fall damage was covered. The sales associate that I had worked with ensured that everything besides theft was covered. I asked two more times during our conversation each time being reassured that the one thing that I wanted protection against was covered. Two years go by and the for seen situation happened. Me acting under the impression that the warranty I had purchased for a added $79.99 had me covered proceeded to call. The first associate I talked with said "yeah that should be able to be fixed stuff like that happens all the time" so I was transferred to another number to schedule the appointment. They didn't understand that I was trying to schedule a appointment so I called again. That's where the confusion started. I got reconnected with the same employee and she sent me to geek squad or their off-site call center and they asked me what I needed to accomplish so I explained the situation and they said no type of physical damage was covered. At this point I'm confused so I call the store again. Suddenly the story is different. "we've never covered any type of physical damage." So I go into the store the following day just trying to cut my losses and see if I can get my warranty money back. The first associate I talked to said yeah we can do that let me get my manager. Three feet away the manager stood, well within hearing distance. She proceeded to say that they do not offer any type of refund what so ever on warranty's. At this point I remain calm and explain the situation and even offer to lead a seminar for the employees to explain what their warranty covers and what it doesn't to help prevent the situation because apparently the management wasn't training their employees not to blatantly lie to make sales. Needless to say I have never been this disappointed with a store. To be lied to and see that even within the store none of the employees seem to know what the policies are is baffling. So long story short I spent a lot of money on a TV and was lied to. Your employees should be trained properly on what they are offering. Your management needs to get better communication and training if she is going to insist that she knows everything because she has been there for 7 years. Being in a position for 7 years means nothing if you don't share your knowledge properly with your team members. I would love to be a secret shopper in the future to make sure these issues are rectified. And I would like to work with the district management if possible to be able to accomplish the goal of making that store better for everyone.
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Re: Mislead about warranty information

Hello, Nate!

Welcome to the Best Buy Forum! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us.

I apologize for any confusion in regards to the terms and conditions of your Geek Squad Protection plan. I can understand how it would be disappointing to connect with us having one understanding of what your plan entitled you to, only to find out differently. As I am not located at the Jackson location, I would be able to speak to exactly what might have been told to you at the time of sale, however, we do expect our Agents and store associates to do their best to uphold the terms and conditions of your plan as it appeared at the time of purchase. I apologize if this was not the case for you. If you no longer have your copy of the terms and conditions, you can download them using the link provided above.

You should have an option to cancel your Geek Squad Protection plan and receive a pro-rated refund. This can be done over the phone at (800) 433-5778. We may need to review and verify your card information, so calling in will be the most secure way to do this.



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Re: Mislead about warranty information

It's all good. I'm just going to buy my new TV somewhere else. And I'm going to avoid my local best buy as much as possible.