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Major Warranty Issue (mods please read)

I have an issue with a Best Buy purchase that I would like a corporate team member to have a look at. I will make it as brief as possible below-


In Jul 2020 I purchased a Samsung smartphone from the Best Buy website. In Mar 2021 the phone suffered a fatal motherboard issue. I sent the phone to Samsung to repair as it was still within the 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Here is where the story gets weird. Samsung contacted me today and requested a receipt with the IMEI number on it, so that they could confirm that the phone that they are repairing is the phone that was purchased from Best Buy. I sent them my online invoice from this order and they said it does not fulfil their requirements because it does not have the IMEI on it. I contacted Best Buy about this who told me that Best Buy online orders do not come with the IMEI, and also apparentely the IMEI records are not even stored for online orders.


I relayed this information to Samsung who then rejected this device because I could not provide them with the IMEI number ON the proof of purchase (receipt).


I need to know how I can get the IMEI number ON the proof of purchase for this item, so that Samsung can repair my phone. If this is not possible then I absolutely feel entitled to a full refund from Best Buy for selling me a device with a void and invalidated manufacturer warranty. I don't understand how this is even possible? Surely I am not the first person who is going through this

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Re: Major Warranty Issue (mods please read)

Greetings, falloftroy20!


I appreciate you taking the time to write us regarding your Samsung smartphone. I know it's not under the best circumstances, but welcome to the Best Buy forums! Generally, if the receipt you have doesn’t contain the IMEI, it is likely that it wasn’t captured when you made your purchase, so I am not confident that we’ll be able to get you a receipt with the information you need. This is generally the case with online orders, but I am happy to take a look to see if we maybe get lucky.
First, I am going to need some more details. Please, private message me with your order number, full name, phone number, and e-mail connected to your account. To send it, click on the blue "Private Message" button next to my signature. I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for posting!

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Re: Major Warranty Issue (mods please read)

Was this ever resolved for you?