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Magnolia High End purchase = Bottom End Servicce

82” Samsung TV purchases 20 months ago. 5 yr warranty for tv. With sound bar. 4 yr warranty for sound bar. Sound bar only works in a spotty fashion. The sound goes out for a split second several times a minute. Highly annoying.

Worse…. The TV decided to stop working last night. Black screen. It’s plugged in. Can see the screen flicker when it’s turned on/off. Still black screen.

Call on a Saturday for service. Apparently high end means closed for service calls on the weekend. Best Buy system doesn’t show any of the purchases. The two people I spoke with didn’t even believe I bought a TV from that store.

I have the physical receipts. I was then told they couldn’t access the Magnolia system. Then was given a different number to call for service. In the same Best Buy store, mind you. Just the Magnolia part of the store. When phone was answered it was one of the two guys I’d spoken with earlier. He then tells me that Magnolia service is closed on weekends and that calls to them get bounced to his department. He tells me to call them back on Monday.

Why couldn’t he tell me this the first time?
Why can’t Best Buy customer service help people who get items from Magnolia?
If Magnolia is separate from Best Buy why am I going to Best Biy for a TV?

My best friend has a TV from CostCo that broke last year. Called on Sunday. Had a service repair tech at his house the following Wednesday. Didn’t cost him a penny.

Thank you for your lack of care to your customers.

Please explain why my next $5k+ purchase should be with you guys and not CostCo?
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Re: Magnolia High End purchase = Bottom End Servicce

Good Afternoon, Graygan.


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums.


Thank you for reaching out. I can understand how frustrating it can be to not receive the desired service when you need it most. Please send us a private message including your full name, phone number, and email, so that we may formally document your experience in our corporate system, and assist you in finding a possible resolution. We hope to hear from you soon.


Kind regards,

Trey|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Magnolia High End purchase = Bottom End Servicce

Will do so if this current attempt does not work…

Update…. Called a total of 5 times. The Magnolia service number is (877) 643-9682. I have now called 5 times. Each and every time I get kicked over to the Best Buy customer service. Each and every time they tell me they can’t access the Magnolia system and will be happy to schedule a paid appointment to assess the issue with a tv I clearly did not purchase from them.

Each and every time I explain that it’s a Magnolia purchase. Each and every time they tell me they can’t help me and to call the above number. The last guy I spoke with told me my best bet is to go into the store where I made the purchase.

I have the invoice. I have the receipt. I have the business card for the associate who sold it to me. He is now the manager. I have a new invoice with more information. He called the same number with me. Now there is a bit of movement but it’s still up in the air. The guy on the phone said there are no repair appointments available for the next 4 months. He will contact his manager and see if anything can be done.

In short, I just spent 3 hours out of my day, 2 gallons of gas, and even more frustration to STILL not get any help. Theoretically I will get a call in the next hour or two from the in-home repair team to schedule something.

So…. To reiterate the title of this post. High end purchase, rock bottom service. I can’t believe the amount of time I’ve had to take out of my work schedule to attempt to get this taken care of and it’s STILL not done.

I am getting beyond frustrated at this point.

If you still want me to send a private message I’ll do so. However, I doubt you can do anything to help that the in-store manager can’t do. Keep in mind the in-store manager just sent me away after spending 2 hours with him trying to figure this out and I have nothing to show for it but a new invoice with the id # of the tv in question. I said three hours because it’s a half hour drive in good traffic to get to the store. It can be an hour or more drive in bad traffic.