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On 11/17/2017 I purchased my Sony 75" LED 4k Ultra HD TV. Everything was going well until August of 2019 when I started noticing the screen was becoming blurry and there were fluctuations when the screen was black. 


I called geek squad 12/17/2019 and was given Work Order #{removed per forum guidelines} and an appointment was set for 12/21/2019. 


The technician came out and could not reproduce the fluctuations on the screen nor the blurriness. I told him this was an intermittent issue that I could not reproduce because it was random. The technician asked me to send an email with pictures and videos. With all of the news and worries about the pandemic, I forgot to send the pictures and videos.

Once I realized, I called the geek squad on 3/7/2020 and spoke with Dan {removed per forum guidelines} Recon Agent #{removed per forum guidelines} 800-443-5778 and he asked me to send the videos and pictures to his direct email {removed per forum guidelines} {removed per forum guidelines}. No further contact from Bestbuy/geek squad was made after I sent the pics and vids. 

My Father in law, my brother in law, and brother all were sick with covid-19 along with trying to keep my business afloat, a TV was the furthest thing from my mind and all the while the TV was getting worse and worse. 


10-12-2020 I called again and spoke with Representative Ryan who advised me that the existing protection plan had expired and Because no activity had occurred since the inspection, the claim was closed. In order to reactivate the claim, Ryan had to REDO the work order under {removed per forum guidelines}. Ryan said he would document the fact that I tried to send in pictures (I have the email proof that they were sent) and trying to have the repair done but the pictures could not go through and an inspection date was set for 10/24/2020. 


On 10/24, Nelson, Technician with Geek Squad came by. He inspected the TV and he could not reproduce the conditions. He gave me his cell number {removed per forum guidelines} and asked me to send the pictures and videos directly to him when I noticed the issues again. 

On 11/3/2020 I sent the videos and pictures to Nelson and he confirmed receipt of the videos and pics and he was FINALLY able to see the blurriness effect I was describing. 

11-4-2020 - Nelson and came by to replace the motherboard on the TV. He brought a ldy assistant to help him with bringing the TV down from the wall. When they brought the TV down, Nelson was able to document the fluctuations in black screen when the TV turns on. 


He called his manager on facetime and his manager gave him the authorization to put in for a replacement of the motherboard and the screen. Nelson said he would call me back to let me know when he would be out to do the repair. 


A short while after Nelson called and said due to the extensive repair, the TV would be replaced. 

Nelson called me back again on the same date and advised me he was sorry but there was nothing he nor his boss could because the protection plan had expired. I would have to call geek squad directly to get help. 


Between 12/21/2020 and today, I have called countless times, have spoken to people from India, and the US and nobody can help me. I last spoke with a manager that, despite being very sorry, he said he could not help me because the plan had expired. 

However, what I find rather ironic about this entire situation is that I made the claim for damage to my TV while it was under the geek squad extended warranty. So regardless of the plan being expired, the claim is valid because it was made during the policy period. 

Working I'm the insurance industry for over 20 years, I know these actions by Bestbuy & Geek Squad are not in good faith and are trying to withhold payment for the value to replace the TV. 


Although I would like to resolve this in a friendly manner, I will have no choice but to contact the state Department of financial services here in Florida, the Better Business Bureau, the department of consumer affairs, and whatever other service I can bring so I can get the money I deserve to receive for my damaged TV. 

Gustavo {removed per forum guidelines}

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Hey there, spaclaims!


Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums. I have been using my TV a lot more than I can to admit lately, and I can understand wanting to have yours back up and running as quickly as possible. I am happy to look into this further. To start, please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address. You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button near my signature. 



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