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Lying Salespeople, And Awful Replacement Warranty.

What kind of business is this?  I purchased a 55" Vizio M Series TV Last July 2017, (Open Box Store Model) it was in perfect condition.  I believe the cost was 459,  I asked for the tablet that came with it and they realized it was missing and knocked the price down to 399 due to the missing component.  I spoke with MULTIPLE best buy salesmen/saleswomen in the Home theater/tv area and all stated the extended warranty would absolutely cover me for a replacement comparable tv if this one were to break.  No different than if the TV was bought brand new.  So I purchased the TV and the 5 year plan taking my total cost to 520$  I thought what a deal.  Long story short I had to call Geeksquad in to my home to check my tv.  They looked at it and the screen became de-laminated and they said it would have to be completely replaced.  So I goto bestbuy to start looking at comparable TV's to get an idea of what I would be looking at for a replacement. All the 55" Tv's that are comparable are between 699 and 849 across all brands.  I get my confirmation number about 45 minutes later so I take it to geeksquad to get the ball rolling.  They tell me that since it was open box I will only get the value that was paid at maximum not including the warranty cost,  which is NOT what I was told when I bought the TV.  Now I had very little money to try to find a replacement TV and the salesman pointed me towards more open box TV's where I just so happened to find a TV that was the same exact model as my broken TV but one Letter designation different.  I had an M55-D0 this was an M55-E0.  From everything I read, The D0 had better specs than the E0 and it was a downgrade in specs.  They had it marked at 459,  So I asked if I could see this one work.  They turned it on and I started looking it over for damage,  which the little tag said there was none, I noticed the entire side bezel, which is supposed to be a silver accent piece, was broken off.  I brought it to the salesman's attention and he looked at it and said oh wow,  I guess we will take a little off for that and took 20$ off the price. The tag also said It had all components with it. So I started asking about the warranty,  all sales people I spoke with said my warranty would be pro-rated and refunded for what wasn't used and I would be able to put that towards the cost of the new TV.  So I got it wheeled to the front and began the Exchange.  After a few managers came over and they looked at my old TV and the new one,  I was told that I owed 48$,  I was expecting that to be for the difference in warranty coverage since I should be prorated for 4 years left on my old TV as all the salesman stated, and I was purchasing 5 Years new covereage for the new tv.  So I asked her to make sure that was everything and she said that this 48$ had nothing to do with the warranty and it was the what I had to pay to get just the TV and I would get nothing for my old Warranty.  Since I had claimed it on the old TV it was "Used up" and I would have to purchase a new one.  Which at this point I was already very frustrated  and my wife had a previous engagement that she was now late for so we were pressed for time.  So this Open Box TV Also did not come with the 7" Tablet.  So Basically,  they charged me 120$ For a 5 yr warranty,  Lied about what that warranty covered, 1 year later when I used the warranty they replaced my TV with a Open Box TV that was cosmetically broken, and missing components,  and the specs were worse, then tried to charge me another 50$ on top for the worse TV, (I brought a manager in to price match so no money out of pocket in the end), and lied about getting my warranty prorated for the 4 years I didnt use.  This Company has lost a Business Elite Member.

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Re: Lying Salespeople, And Awful Replacement Warranty.

Is this situation just cool with Corporate?  No response necessary? Buyer Beware I guess

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Re: Lying Salespeople, And Awful Replacement Warranty.

Hello TNoorigian, and welcome to the forum,


Before we go any further, I'd like to apologize for the delay in our response. We've been quite busy as of late and we're doing everything we can to respond to everyone in a timely manner. Your patience over the last few days has not gone unappreciated.


Moving on to the reason why we're both here today, it sounds like your experience redeeming your Geek Squad Protection (GSP) plan on your TV didn't go as smoothly as we would've hoped, and for that I am very sorry.  I hope I can shed some light on the situation for you and answer any remaining questions you may have.


At the time you purchased your TV and activated its accompanying GSP plan, the terms you agreed to outlined a few options for repairs and replacements that, if needed, Best Buy would have sole discretion over which to select. One of those options may have been to offer a comparable product should it be deemed too expensive to repair the product in question. In that scenario, you would typically receive a store credit with a value no more than what was paid for the product at the time of sale. Because the GSP attached to your purchase allowed for this credit, your plan would be considered fulfilled, and thus there would be no refund to offer for that service. If the new TV you selected was more expensive than the credit we issued, the remaining value would need to be paid out of pocket.


I am honestly sorry if there was any confusion regarding this; I know what it's like to feel out of the loop, and I truly wish this experience could've gone better for you.  I do hope that you were able to find a new TV, but if you need help selecting a new one or have any other questions for me, please feel free to reach out, anytime.



Sam|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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