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Lemon Product

I purchased a Microsoft Surface Go Tablet that was initially taken in for a minor overheating issues. A first repair was allegdly done but upon receiving it, the overheating became that much more apparent. It became impossible to use as the screen would go black. This is when I took it in for a second repair. The tablet that was returned to me thereafter had the same overheating issue only now, the microphone was distorted. 


During this time, the pandemic and stay at home orders made it impossible to reach a store. This was in my eyes, understandable. I reached the so called online tech support who not only ignored my questions but ended my chat twice upon me asking for guidance on how to resolve my overheating issue. Then I attempted to call Tech Support. The line of employees that received my call transferred me to a line of employees in departments that did not pertain to my call. It ended after hours of wait, where an employee finally told me the only way to absolutely resolve my issue was to take the tablet into the store after the stay at home order. He stated that my product was a lemon product that needed to be junked out because this was the third time I'd be repairing the tablet for the same issue. 


Once I was able to go into the store I spoke to a Geek Squad employee where I recounted the previously mentioned events. I was directed to talk to an employee who was not a Geek Squad member, as the employee was wearing a blue Best Buy shirt. He stated that he was the Store Management and that the tablet needed to be repaired a third time to be designated as a lemon product. I agreed with this and left the tablet in their care.


I picked up my tablet and took it home to use. I had not used the tablet for more than an hour when it overheated and blacked out. 


I returned that same day into the store and asked to speak to the store management. The Geek Squad employee that I spoke with said that he was not on shift. This is when I noticed via the posted picture at the front of the store that the person who I spoke with, who claimed to be the store manager was not in fact the store manager. None of the employees knew who I was referring to. 


It is very evident that they had sent a regular employee to dismiss. 


The Geek Squad manager told me that my tablet was not deemed as a lemon becuase it has been repaired for different issues and that for a product to be deemed a lemon it needs to be repaired for the same issue. 


To say the least, I am profoundly irrated at the goose chase the line of employees have given me. My waranty is valid until October of this year. I have been made to go to the store more than neccessary in the middle of a pandemic, exposing myself and my family out of need; as I need this tablet for work. 


I demand some accountability to the illicit structure of Tech Support you are running. 

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Re: Lemon Product

Is this item under Geek Squad Protection or Manufacturer’s Warranty? Both have very different meanings for “lemon” qualifications. The standard is lower for Geek Squad Protection while manufacturers tend to follow much more closely with the traditional legal definition. A purchase of Total Tech Support or any of the older tech support plans doesn’t modify this either, they merely add support for software or tech issues not including the hardware. Hopefully you can provide some additional information so the forum members can provide accurate information based on your individual coverage.

While I cannot speak to the situation encountered in store regarding managers on or off duty, I hope to offer some insight. Right now with the pandemic still affecting the number of associates in store and an increased curbside pickup workload, it is not uncommon to see one manager designated in the store as the “manager on duty” why the other managers are working in specific roles such as picking orders or closing orders and delivering them to vehicles outside. These managers are not “on duty” in the traditional sense and are often not in a position to assist with manager calls. This should fall to the designated MOD.
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Re: Lemon Product

I have the GSP, Geek Squad Protection Plan 

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Re: Lemon Product

Hello, pabloro,


Thanks for sharing your experience with us here on the Best Buy forum. There is never a good time for a piece of tech to have problems, but I know from personal experience how it can be particularly frustrating when in conjunction to the current world events.


Regarding the “No Lemon” section of Geek Squad Protection (GSP), you should be able to review the specific wording for your plan by choosing the correct purchase timeframe from the drop down menu on our website here. The general idea of No Lemon in our GSP is that if a covered product requires a certain number of qualifying repairs concerning the same defect during a specific time period, we will go forward with No Lemon options such as a product replacement. In my experience, it is usually three qualifying repairs.


It’s hard to say what specifically is happening with your situation without having more details, but I’d love to take a closer look into what may be possible going forward. From what I understand, it sounds like your Surface has already been sent out for another repair. So I can begin a review, can you please send me your full name, phone number, email address, and latest repair order number (if available)? Keep your information secure by using the forum “Private Message” button next to my signature below this post.



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Re: Lemon Product


I just wanted to follow up. I just received my Surface today and it immediately started overheating. I got a notice that said that they tested it for 3 days without it overheating, which i feel is a lie, and that next time I send it in I will have to pay the shipping costs.  I have been patient but its running very thin at this point I just want a refund. This is the 4th time its been serviced and I'm still having the same problem. I am very disappointed by the quality and the service I've been provided by Geek Squad has been extremely unprofessional. I'm tired of this back and forth game. I'm tired of being lied to saying that the problem has been fixed when it clearly hasn't. 

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Re: Lemon Product

Hey, pabloro,


Thanks for taking the time to follow up with us! However, I wish you were coming back with happier news. As someone who uses my computer daily for work, I can imagine how frustrating it would be to keep having to go without it as it's repaired, only for the original issue to still be happening. That is a far cry from the repair experience we meant to provide!


Looking into this, I see that you were working with Allison through Private Message, but not got back to us with all of the info we needed to be able to assist. We'd be happy to work with the store on your behalf to try and make your repair experience go smoother going forward, but we would need you to get back to us through Private Message for us to step in.




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